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Solar Quiz

Think you know all the benefits of solar energy? Here is a quick quiz to test your knowledge. You might be surprised about what you discover.

1. A 1 kilo-watt home solar system prevents how many pounds of coal from being burned each month?

A.      7
B.      170
C.      80
D.      12

Answer: B. By fitting your home with a 1 kilowatt home system, you can prevent about 170 pounds of coal from being burned for energy consumption. This helps reduce the release of CO2 gasses into the Earth’s atmosphere, possibly alleviating the effects of chronic asthma and mitigating effects of global warming.

2. Renewable energy creates more jobs than fossil fuels: True or False?

True. A study from the University of California Berkley Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory concluded that per unit of energy, the renewable energy industry has a greater impact on job growth and economic expansion versus fossil fuel production. For more information regarding the impact of solar energy on job growth, you and find the full report here.

3. How much solar energy is produced by 1 square meter of direct sunlight per hour?
A.      20 watts
B.      140 watts
C.      1000 watts
D.      800 watts

Answer: C.  Every square meter of the Earth’s surface can produce up to 1000 watts of energy per hour when facing direct sunlight. If every square meter on the surface of the Earth had a solar panel, it would create approximately 120 trillion kilowatts of electricity!

4. Today’s fossil fuels are the direct result of solar energy: True or False?

Answer: True. All of today’s fossil fuels are the direct result of sunlight provided millions of years ago. Today’s oil and natural gas are the carbon based remains of plants and animals that lived and died millions of years ago. Solar energy is truly a never ending provider.

5. Solar energy will no longer be available after:

A.      2020
B.      Jupiter blocks the Earth’s sun
C.      Earth’s gravity fails
D.      3100

Answer: Trick question! Solar energy will never cease to be a viable, renewable source of energy as long as Earth has a sun. Most scientists predict that our sun will live for another 12 billion years, so it’s a safe bet that installing solar panels at your home or business will provide you with abundant energy for many years to come.

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