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Football Goes Green!

This Sunday, households everywhere will be tuning in to watch the Superbowl. Whether you are traveling to the big game, or cheering for your team with friends at home, fans of football and sustainable living can celebrate in the fact that the NFL is making the effort to go green.

Football uses a lot of energy. Lighting entire stadiums requires a lot of electricity, not to mention the energy used by players and spectators travelling to and from games, or even the fans that will watch from home.

Let’s take a look at the teams that will be playing this weekend. The San Francisco 49ers’ efforts to go green include plans for a completely new stadium by next year. According to, the structure will be solar powered, and feature a living, green roof that will not on be covered in vegetation, but will contribute to the stadium’s energy efficiency. Other green features include parking for bicycles and electric vehicles, and recycled construction materials.

M&T Bank Stadium of the Baltimore Ravens is making efforts to be green as well. According to the Maryland Stadium Authority, the football stadium (along with Camden Yards) attempt to recycle as many materials as possible. From trash after game days, to construction material and old equipment, hundreds of tons of materials were recycled in 2012 alone. Plus, according to the Baltimore Sun, materials that can not be recycled are sent to the nearby RESCO plant, which uses the material to create steam energy, and reduces the total waste volume by 90%. The stadium is in the process of LEED certification.

Many other NFL teams and stadiums have joined the green movement as well, such as the Philadelphia Eagles and the Arizona Cardinals, both of which offset 100% of their electricity usage with renewable energy. Smaller sports facilities are considering the environmental and economic impacts of green operations, as well. At Solar Energy World, we have seen this locally with our own solar panel installations at Metuchen Sportsplex, and Soccer Dome II.

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