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Questions About Solar Power? Ask Solar Energy World!

If you are a home or business owner that is interested in solar power, you might have a lot of questions. While you are always welcome to send inquiries our way, we will be having a weekly Twitter chat that is dedicated to answering your questions. This will be particularly helpful for those who are interested in solar in Maryland, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and New York.

To ask a question, you may fill out the #AskSEW form, or tweet @solarenergyworld your question directly, using the hashtag #AskSEW. Then join the conversation every Friday at 10:00 AM for the answers to questions asked by you, and others who are interested in solar power.

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One thought on “Questions About Solar Power? Ask Solar Energy World!

  1. I want to know how the power of a commercial client performs in this case:
    - Commercial client demands 20 kW/month of power and I install 10 kW of solar panels, which would be half of his demand.

    In which proportion his demand of power will decrease? How can we calculate this?

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