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Solar Leasing 101

So you want to go solar but think it’s too expensive?  Although the price of solar panel installation has gone down in recent years, you may still be wary of the initial investment required and use this as a reason to stay solar-free.  Luckily, there’s an attractive options that allows homeowners to enjoy the benefits of solar power with little or no money down.  Solar leasing is available, and if you don’t want to buy the solar panels up front, it’s a great way to switch to clean energy.












Any homeowner with approved credit can have solar panels installed.  Homeowners pay a monthly fee to lease the panels, with all components of the system covered for the duration of the lease.  Currently, two different solar leasing options are available:

1.  Zero down payment plus a rental fee for the panels every month.  This option saves the homeowner around $50 per month on their electric bill.

2.  Initial down payment, which translates into greater monthly savings plus a monthly fee for leasing the panels..

At the end of the 20 year term, homeowners can decide to buy the solar power system at its market value, renew the lease for another term, or have the solar panels removed.

With Solar Energy World, homeowners who want to lease a system are not limited in the brand or quality of panels. We offer a wide selection of high quality solar panels for a system that is customized for your home.

Solar Energy World can help you determine whether a purchase or solar lease option is best for you and your home. Contact us today for your free solar consultation.

Solar Energy World is available to answer your questions about going solar! Follow us @solarenergyworld on Twitter, and “like” us on the Solar Energy World Facebook page.



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