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Soaking up the Sun: An Intro to Residential Solar Panels

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By Natalie McManus



A large house, three kids who leave lights on, a pool whose filter runs half the day, electrical appliances, and air conditioning – all of which add up to a large electric bill – plus an electric company that annually seeks to raise rates! On a trip to Germany several years ago, to visit our daughter who was spending a semester abroad, it really impressed me that virtually every barn roof, and many homes, had solar panels on them! Solar is everywhere in Germany. And when we visited our other daughter in the Dominican Republic, we noticed solar panels on shacks! And yet here we were in the USA, with a roof that gets lots of sun most of the day, but no solar panels.

I’d been researching solar energy – specifically solar panels – for years, and then one day we received a postcard in the mail inviting us to a Saturday morning seminar on solar energy. I convinced my husband (who had other ideas on how to spend a Saturday morning) that we should attend the seminar, if only to get the information so we could make a more informed decision. The seminar was hosted by Solar Energy World in Elkridge, MD. They covered a LOT of information, and there was time devoted to questions and answers, which was very helpful. Less than four months later we had a system in place and are now enjoying significant savings, not to mention the feeling of doing something to reduce our carbon footprint and help the environment.


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