Referral fees are paid upon completed paid-in-full installation. Dollar amount provided is dependent upon size of system and whether the person who referred is a customer or not. See graphic below.

To receive referral rewards individuals may not refer themselves. Referrals must have had no prior contact with Solar Energy World to be considered a customer referral*

There are three ways customers can provide referrals to Solar Energy World be considered eligible for referral rewards;

  1. Customers go to one of our referral landing pages, or Customer fills out a form with all the appropriate information.* A receipt goes to the customer that entered those referrals listing the referrals.
  2. Incoming call – Customer calls our switchboard and requests an appointment. The customer provides the name of the person who referred them to the appointment-setter. Appointment setter enters the name of the person who referred the customer into our system and verifies this has been done. *
  3. Customer provides referrals directly to the sales rep who sold them thier system. It is then the Sales rep’s reponsibility to provide those referrals to administrators as soon as they receive the referrals so they can be entered into our system as referrals. * Sales rep informs their customer they have received their referrals and they have been entered into our system for tracking.

Customers are not eligible for referral rewards if they notify Solar Energy World after learning that a friend, neighbor or aquaintance has gone solar with us if there is no record of a referral in our system. The best practice is to provide referrals to the company, prior to learning that a customer has signed up using one of the three methods abvove.

*If any of the persons referred is already in our system, the customer is notified they are not eligible for cash rewards.