No Partisan Divide When it Comes to Wind and Solar

With the constant infighting going on in our nation’s capital, it is refreshing to learn that Democrats and Republicans agree on at least one thing;  A large majority of voters in both parties want more renewable energy, even if congress is divided on the issue.   A recent Business Insider poll found the following: Both […]

Why DIY Solar Costs More Than You Think

Sometimes homeowners will ask how much they can save on costs if they buy Solar panels wholesale and install them themselves instead of having a solar system professionally designed and installed. The funny thing is, most people would not even consider installing their own central air conditioning or rewiring their home’s electrical system because common […]

2020 Vision: Solar Will Be Unstoppable This Decade

With clean energy on the rise, the Solar Energy Industries Association has declared the 2020s as “The Decade of Solar+ Energy.”   By Keelin O’Donghue “It is incumbent upon us to create a shared clean energy vision,” explained SEIA’s President & CEO Abby Hopper at the US Energy Association’s 15th Annual State of the Energy Industry […]


“I think our solar panels make our home look beautiful. Not only does having solar increase our property value, but it says to our neighbors we support energy independence and care about the environment we leave behind for our children and grandchildren.”  Melissa L, Clarksville, Maryland Considering the devastating effect fossil fuels have had on […]

How Solar Power Can Put The Soul Back Into Your Holiday Shopping

In the spirit of giving back this holiday season, consider a giving yourself a gift that would not only energize your own home, but also help improve the lives of communities and children around the globe: Solar Panels.  By Keelin O’donoghue, Solar Energy World According to the Fourth National Climate Assessment, US low-income communities in […]

Top Five Benefits Solar-Powered Homeowners Say They Appreciate This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is all about good times and appreciating what’s best in life. The lucky among us spend the day with friends and family, watching the parade and perhaps a football game, while we overeat and enjoy good company. As we loosen our belts and prepare our stomachs to stretch, here is a list of top […]

Solar Shopping? Don’t Get Mislead By Online Calculators, “Buy Panels Online” or Phone Quotes

It’s Not That Easy Sometimes homeowners become annoyed when we tell them we can’t give them estimates online or over the phone. Others ask why we don’t have a solar calculator or order yourself option on our website.  Some people have told us they think we are trying “trick” them into receiving a high pressure […]

Proof Solar Increases Home Value & Selling Price – Solar Panels Viewed As Upgrade

Selling a solar powered home

A  common misperception exists that selling a home with solar panels on it is more difficult.  A new report released by Zillow , the leading online real estate and rental marketplace shatters that myth.  The report concludes solar rooftop panels can boost your home’s value and lower your electricity bill regardless of what state you […]

Floridians’ Misconceptions About Solar Isn’t Stopping This Solar Company From Signing up Customers at Record Rates

Although Florida is the “Sunshine State” a lot of its residents still don’t know much about the benefits of going solar and many believe that solar businesses are out to scam them. That hasn’t stopped Solar Energy World  from investing in Florida’s clean energy future by educating ratepayers about the value of solar power. So […]