Can Snow be GOOD for Solar Panels?

Homeowners who have solar installed are going to reap the benefits this winter. These lucky folks can crank up their heat if they want to and still pay at least 20% less for electricity than utility status quo. Those who own their solar systems can end up with zero electricity costs. But there is also […]

Rooftop Solar Growing in Maryland- Great News For Homeowners

Rooftop Solar Adoption is growing in Maryland. Since the State of Maryland passed the Renewable Portfolio Standard and the Solar Renewable Energy Credit legislation in 2012, solar power throughout the state is growing by leaps and bounds. According to Environment Maryland, in just three years (2010 – 2013) residents of the state increased usages of […]

Do Solar Panels Still Work When It’s Raining?

How Rain Affects Solar Electricity Production Contrary to popular belief, when it’s raining, solar power systems still generate electricity. Panels operate most efficiently in full sun, but they don’t stop producing electricity when it is raining or cloudy.  The fact is, visible light still gets through rain and clouds. We can all see that the […]

Maryland Homeowners Fight Latest Rate Hikes With “Personal Power Stations”

Energy Rate Hikes Continue

UPDATE 4/19/16 – NEW RATE HIKES COMING FROM PEPCO! Less than a month after its $6.8 billion merger with Exelon went through, Pepco is asking the Maryland Public Service Commission for a 10 percent across-the-board rate increase for most of its 560,000 customers in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties. 3/15/16: BGE recently asked for another rate […]

New Bills Promise Positive Change For Maryland Homeowners & Local Solar Industry

Solar at Maryland State House

MD Legislators are considering two bills that could have a major impact on the local solar industry and its customers.  Solar Energy World was just one of more than 30 companies who gathered in Annapolis earlier this month to support the introduction of the Clean Energy Jobs Act of 2016 and another bill that will benefit […]

The Cure for Maryland’s Dirty Secret

Maryland is one of the filthiest states in the nation. In addition to producing high levels of greenhouse gases from power plants, our state also produces a great deal of pollution from other types of toxic incineration. In fact, Maryland’s death rate from air pollution was rated the highest in the nation in 2013. Air […]

We Already Have the Power to Slow Down Climate Change AND Pay Less for Energy

The power to help slow down climate change is overhead and all around us. We already have that power. We don’t need to drill or mine for it. Every hour our sun beams enough energy to earth to satisfy our planet’s energy needs for a year. The recent climate change talks in Paris have brought […]

FREE Solar Panels – SCAM or TRUTH?

What does “free solar panels” really mean? You have probably seen advertisements for “free solar panels” or Free solar panels and installation”.  In fact, you may have seen ads from our company, Solar Energy World with that phrase highlighted. If you are one of the skeptics out there who thinks this sounds like a scam, […]