Solar Energy World Fosters Good Health, Economic Security in Montgomery County With Solar United Neighbors Solar Co-Op

Montgomery County Solar and EV Charger Co-op Members Select Solar Energy World as Group’s Installer for the Third Consecutive Year  By Laureen Peck Solar United’s Montgomery County Co-Op members chose Solar Energy World to be their solar installer through an open and competitive bidding process. Solar Energy World is a top rated residential solar installation […]

Feeling Patriotic? Top 3 Reasons Why Going Solar is Good for America

American solar power fuels the USA

American Solar Fuels the USA By Laureen Peck, Solar Energy World We are going through some trying times right now, but it is still is good to remember how lucky we are to live in a free, democratic country. Even if you are practicing social distancing, there are all kinds of creative ways to celebrate […]

It’s Not Sci-Fi; Solar is Our Most Powerful Energy Source

Solar is our most powerful energy source

THE SCIENCE IS IN AND SOLAR ROCKS!  More Than 1.5 Million Americans Run Their Homes on Sunshine, our most powerful energy source. By Laureen Peck, Solar Energy World There is no question that Solar is our most powerful energy source. Just one second of our sun’s energy output could power the entire USA for 9 […]

Why COVID-19 is Not Stopping Our Customers From Going Solar

Homeowners Still Going Solar During COVID-19 Crisis As Industry Rebounds By Laureen Peck, CMO, Solar Energy World At the beginning of 2020 the solar industry boasted 250,000 American jobs and was projecting 300,000 jobs by June of this year. For years now, Solar has been growing more jobs in our country than the coal, oil […]

Four Reasons Solar Outshines Fossil Fuels Despite The Virus Crisis

Renewable Energy Industry Surviving, Will Thrive Post-Pandemic By Laureen Peck, CMO, Solar Energy World Up until the current crisis the clean energy industry in the USA was growing jobs at a faster rate than the coal, gas and oil industries combined and was one of the fastest growing industries overall, increasing 100% between 2000 and […]

Solar Energy World Partners with First Responders Children’s Foundation to Aid in Relief Effort

Solar Relief for First Responders Children's Foundation

Relief  For First Responders Children’s Foundation Because Tomorrow Matters is our slogan at Solar Energy World, our mantra, and the driving force behind why our company is so passionate about clean energy. Making the world a better place means looking forward and helping our children and future generations thrive.To support our mission, Solar Energy World  […]

Solar Energy World Wins 2020 Guildmaster Award

Solar Energy World announces it has won the Guildmaster award for the sixth year in a row. The annual Guildmaster Award recognizes businesses of quality  in the building, solar panel installation, remodeling, contracting, and real estate professions who consistently deliver exceptional customer experiences.  Each year, GuildQuality gives special recognition to the companies that demonstrate an […]

No Partisan Divide When it Comes to Wind and Solar

A large majority of voters in both parties want more renewable energy, even if congress is divided on the issue. With the constant infighting going on in our nation’s capital, it is refreshing to learn that Democrats and Republicans agree on at least one thing.   Why Do A large majority of voters in both parties […]