Utility Rate Hikes Are Coming – But You Don’t Have to Pay Them

Washington Gas is asking for a $35.9 million increase in base rates, and Pepco wants nearly $30 million in increases for Maryland electric distribution rates, according to recent filings. Both companies say they need more funds for infrastructure upgrades to improve reliability of their systems. There is some good news for rate-payers however. You can […]

Top 4 Benefits You Get from Your Neighbor’s Solar Panels, Even If You Don’t Have Solar Yourself

Most people know solar power benefits the people who use it because it reduces their utility costs. Some solar-powered homeowners don’t pay anything for electricity. A lesser known fact is that solar powered homeowners help everyone in their community, even their neighbors who still depend on fossil fuels alone for home energy. Here are the […]

Solar Energy World Joins Virginia’s Budding Solar Market

Due to Virginia’s increasing consumer demand for cleaner energy and new, favorable state renewable energy goals, Solar Energy World is expanding to serve more homeowners in select areas of Northern Virginia. Founded in Maryland in 2009, with solar installations now topping 140 systems a month, Solar Energy World is quickly becoming the regional leader for superior […]

A NEW ROOF + SOLAR SYSTEM: High-Tech Solution That Saves Homeowners Thousand$ & Earns Revenue

By Sharon Derby, Solar Energy World Customer & SEW’s Marketing & PR Director When my husband and I decided it was time to buy a solar system for our home, we approached it like any other home improvement. We had been in the home for over 20 years, had done every energy upgrade imaginable and […]

Does Frigid Weather Prove Climate Change is a Hoax?

Whenever we have a snow or ice storm, we can count on the climate change deniers to proclaim that the current weather conditions prove global warming is a hoax.  Nothing could be further from the truth. Written by Laureen Peck Just because we are experiencing a record-breaking chill, that doesn’t mean climate change is not real.  The […]

Eight Reasons To Go Solar During The Holidays That You Probably Haven’t Thought Of

There are lots of good reasons to give yourself the gift of a new solar electric system before the New Year begins.  In the spirit of the Holidays, here are 8 more….. You won’t have to wrap it. You’ll be able to turn the heat up so high even Grandma won’t be cold.* You can finally […]

Majority of Americans Unhappy with Their Utility – Want Cleaner Energy, New Consumer Reports Study Shows


More and more Americans would prefer cleaner, renewable energy for their homes and would like to see their utility companies invest in solar and wind. In a recent Consumer Reports poll on consumer attitudes on the subject, eighty-one percent agree that reducing pollution from power plants is a worthwhile goal, while seventy-six percent agree that […]