Are Our Grandchildren Doomed? What The UN’s Climate Change Report Tells Us

green energy is clean, we should all use green energy The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the UN’s climate-change body released a report this week that warns we only have 12 years to save ourselves from utter devastation from climate change. It says if we do nothing about it now the earth’s resources will be […]

I Wish We Had Gone Solar Sooner – My Switch to Solar – PART THREE

Switch to solar, read how we went solar and saved money. We switch to solar.By Sharon Derby, Solar-Powered Homeowner and Director of Marketing & PR for Solar Energy World As they say, time really does fly! It’s now been a year since my husband and I had an 8.48 kW solar system installed on the […]

Want to Know if You Qualify For Solar? This Info-graphic Can Help

People who run their homes on sunshine can save 20-100% on energy costs. This is the number one reason why every day more people switch to home solar even though the environmental benefits of pollution-free energy are well known.  In fact, the solar industry is creating new jobs at a faster pace than gas, oil […]

Solar Energy World Installs Maryland’s First Community Solar System

In 2016, the Maryland Public Service Commission adopted final community solar regulations for the state’s three-year pilot project. These forward-thinking regulations remove barriers to renewable energy adoption by allowing renters to contract for solar energy and includes about 60 MW for projects focused on low and moderate income customers. If this initiative is successful, Maryland […]

What’s it Like to Sell a Solar-Powered Home?

Selling a Solar Home

Since our solar systems provide 25-30 years of service, homeowners often ask us how going solar could affect the selling price or process should they decide to move.  Some people worry that if they get panels installed it could hurt their chances of selling their home. While there may be some realtors who are not […]

Angie’s List Honors Solar Energy World with Super Service Award Once Again

For the sixth year in a row, Solar Energy World has made the cut.  Angie’s List®, a leading online review platform, has named Solar Energy World as one of this year’s winners of the coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award. The Super Service Award honors service professionals who have maintained exceptional service ratings and reviews […]