Solar power can definitely help homeowners save money on their energy costs, and at Solar Energy World, we have installed plenty of residential solar power systems. Many businesses are also seeing the benefits of solar power, both economical and environmental.

Furniture retailer IKEA aims to be powered by 100% renewable energy. This is part of the company’s commitment to sustainable operations, and many other businesses are following suit. This infographic from Solar Energy Industries Association shows the top 20 corporate solar users in America.

Source: via Solar Energy World on Pinterest


Solar power is not just for large companies and national corporations; several businesses have gone solar in Maryland. Our installation at Boarman’s Old Fashioned Meat Market will reduce the grocer’s carbon footprint by an estimated 560,000 pounds!

Last year, the town of Thurmont, Maryland saw it’s first commercial solar installation with the completion of a solar electric system at Federal Stone Industries. In addition, Waldorf, Maryland saw the construction of the first ZeroHouse 2.0, a house that uses solar power and energy efficient design to net zero energy usage, on the east coast.

Many businesses and homeowners are making the switch to solar power, proving that renewable energy is not a fad, but a change that brings real benefit. Solar adopters are seeing lower energy costs, revenue generated by their solar systems, and they are significantly reducing their impact on the environment.