Solar Panels for BusinessCommercial solar power can slash utility costs for many businesses. We’ll do a full initial analysis at no cost to help you determine if it makes sense. Then we take care of everything – so the process requires very little of your time and will not interrupt your daily operations. We even manage all of the paperwork and logistics involved – from permits and inspections, to applying for tax credits and setting up the automated accounting so you are earning money on the power your solar panels generate. Submit the form to see if solar panels make sense for your business.

See how much you can save!

Step One Free Solar Analysis

FREE Solar Cost/Benefit Analysis

1. Solar Panel Cost / Benefit Analysis

  • Site survey to determine roof slope, orientation, shading, solar panel location, power distribution and aesthetics
  • Calculation of current rebates and incentives in your local area
  • Energy savings over life of the solar panel system
  • Detailed description of Solar Renewable Energy Credit earnings

Step 2: We perform a feasibility study and engineering design to prepare your commercial facility for solar panel installation.

Solar Feasibility Study & Engineering Design

2. Feasibility study and detailed engineering design

  • Professional CAD drawing to illustrate solar panel and inverter selections along with system layouts
  • Electrical three-line diagrams provide string and wire sizing, and detailed specifications for the inverters and the interconnection
  • Structural and wind analysis

Step 3: We handle all the paperwork to help your business get the most incentives for your new solar panel system.

Renewable Energy Rebates & Incentives

3. Permit & Rebate Process

WE submit and manage all paperwork for federal and state solar energy incentives, utility interconnection agreements, net-metering applications, local building and electrical permits.

Step 4: After your solar panels are installed, we set up the final system inspection.

4. Solar Panel Installation

  • Install mounting systems and equipment
  • Wire electrical components
  • Connect the instrument panel system
  • Install metering
  • Manage inspections with the local utility and building department

Step 5: Solar Energy World monitors your solar panel system to ensure optimal performance.

5. Service and on-going support

  • Monitor electricity output and performance of your solar panels
  • Marketing support to promote your solar installation (PR, solar parties)