There are lots of good reasons to give yourself the gift of a new solar electric system before the New Year begins.  

In the spirit of the Holidays, here are 8 more…..


1) You won’t have to wrap it.

2) You’ll be able to turn the heat up so high even Grandma won’t be cold.*

3) You can finally make the annoying neighbor who constantly talks about his latest iPad, iPhone and iGadget jealous of your latest, and MUCH cooler High-Tech acquisition.

4) Your friend with the Prius who brags about much she is helping the environment will have to admit that your home solar system actually does more to save the Earth. **

5) It’s better than a fruitcake. (Of course almost anything is.)

6) You can finally make a New Year’s resolution you can keep and be proud of!***

7) You’ll have more money to spend on your own Electric Car or latest iGadget. 😉

8) You can literally Pay Nothing for Solar Equipment & Installation to start saving in the New Year!

*Solar powered homeowners pay 20-100% less than neighbors without solar during the winter

**Over 1 month, a 1-kWh Solar System prevents 170 lbs. of coal from being burned and 300 lbs of CO2 from being released

***Why not make a New Year’s resolution to reduce your carbon footprint by going solar?

Post by Laureen Peck