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How much does a solar energy system cost?

How much does a solar energy system cost?

Solar Rate Guardian PPA ChartOther than our $0 Down options (explained below), providing an exact price on our website is not possible because every homeowner’s situation is different. We need to take a look at your roof, which direction your home is facing, current electricity usage, the type of PV products you are interested in (different pricing for different brands), the type of financial options you are interested in (purchase, PPA or lease) and other factors. After we have all this information, we present you with a detailed cost-benefit analysis during your free solar evaluation so you can see all your options and determine if going solar is right for you.There are two ways you can go solar for $0 Down right now: 1- Power Purchase Agreement: We offer the RateGuardian(TM) PPA that allows you to pay $0 for solar system and installation to lock in a lower electricity rate than your utility. Homeowners typically pay 20-30% less for electricity costs once their system is installed. Some call our PPA the "no-brainer" option because homeowners literally pay nothing to start saving on their utility bills.2- Ownership: We offer a financing option where you can purchase a solar system for $0 down. Plus the cost for equipment has gone down dramatically in recent years, and there are also many tax breaks, electricity buy-back programs, and incentives available to those who wish to own their solar system that end up reducing purchase price by 30-50%. With all of our purchase options your monthly loan payment COMBINED with your new post-solar utility bill can be lower than what you paid to your utility alone prior to going solar. When you own your solar system you can also earn revenue from the electricity your system produces through net metering and SRECs which is why ROI from purchase is so high.Solar Energy System Return on Investment Before and After Solar Panels 
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