Fight the war on clean air

With three major hurricanes making September the most active month on record in the Atlantic and raging wildfires in California this month, 2017 has been one of the most extreme weather years in US history. As a result, it has also become one of the most expensive seasons on record.

Due to anthropogenic (human caused) global warming, experts believe these massive storm events will only get worse in the years to come as the oceans heat up and coral reefs are damaged beyond their ability to protect the shoreline from unprecedented damage.

To make matters worse, policies enacted to protect our environment from further damage are being rolled back.  The current administration has withdrawn our country from the Paris climate change accord and just announced this week they will repeal the Clean Power Plan. If this were not bad enough, the new head of the EPA is openly hostile toward the clean energy industry.

Seventy-two percent of carbon-based pollution comes from our homes, businesses, factories and power plants. Coal-fired power plants, natural gas, oil heat – all contribute. Most of us still run our homes on coal power but as we go through our daily activities we rarely think about that.

There is some good news for Earth and America’s booming green energy industries though.  The power to help slow down climate change and these catastrophic storms is overhead and all around us. We already have that power. We don’t need to drill or mine for it. Every hour our sun beams enough energy to earth to satisfy our planet’s energy needs for a year.

It seems clear that the only way we humans will have any significant effect on slowing down global warming is if we phase out fossil fuel usage and replace it with renewable, pollution-free energy. And the only way we are going to do that is if Americans continue to switch to clean energy like solar despite what DC does to prop up a dying fossil fuel industry at the expense of green energy industries.  Solar adoption by homeowners has grown dramatically over the years, so we have been on the right track, and we can continue to grow as long as Americans continue to choose to run their homes on sunshine.

One reason we are progressing rapidly toward a clean energy future is that solar power is now one of the cheapest ways to generate energy. Solar panels that convert the sun’s energy into usable electricity have gone way down in cost. Right now, most people with sunny roofs can have solar panels installed for $0 and only pay for electricity at a reduced rate. With this solar PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) option homeowners today can actually pay NOTHING to save 20% or more on  electricity costs.

So, if you are someone who cares about protecting the environment, but think it is too expensive to do anything about it, think again. Find out the truth for yourself.  Click HERE to see our special offers and to schedule a Free solar evaluation.

By Laureen Peck, Solar Energy World

Solar provides more jobs than oil or gas combined