A record-breaking chill hit the East Coast a few weeks ago but that doesn’t mean global warming is not happening. The winter season has brought a lot of ups and downs in temperature that may have some of you wondering what role, if any, climate change has to play. We’re here to tell you that yes it’s cold and snowy, but that only proves a number of fears we have about climate change and our environment.

1. Climate change can increase snowfall:

We know this sounds totally opposite from what you might understand global warming to mean, but as the planet warms, more water evaporates into the atmosphere causing more precipitation as snow or rain.

2. What used to be normal for winter feels much colder to us now:

Since the 1970s our winters have been warming up overall. This means that when temperatures drop to what a winter should feel like, we find it drastic and frigid simply because we are not used to it.

3. Average temperatures are increasing:

NASA and NOAA released a report that named 2016 as the warmest year across global land and ocean surfaces in recorded history!

4. A warmer arctic may lead to even worse cold snaps:

Although this idea is still early in its research, scientists believe that the melting seas ice in the Artic will create weaker jet streams that allow freezing, polar air farther down south than before.

So there you have it! Cold, snowy winters do not mean we do not have to worry about climate change.

Despite the freezing weather...


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