RateGuardian(TM) is Solar Energy World’s 100% stable energy rate product. With RateGuardian, our customers are guaranteed to never see a rate hike in their electricity bill once they lock in a kWh price for their PPA. This product is automatically included in your PPA agreement as an option you can select — there is no additional fee to apply RateGuardian(TM) to your solar panel installation PPA.

So wait, how does a Solar PPA work again?

Rateguardian solar ppa rate chartA Solar PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) is designed for homeowners who are solar eligible but not interested in the up-front costs of installing a fully-owned solar panel system. With a PPA, Solar Energy World installs solar panels and inverters — a full system on your house for $0. In exchange, the homeowner purchases the solar power from the panels on their home for a guaranteed stable rate that is typically 20% lower than the current local utility rate.

Once the PPA is in place, the electricity rate is stable regardless of what the local utility does with their rates. Even if they raise rates 70%, the PPA rate will remain the same for the duration of your PPA.

Doesn’t every solar panel company offer a stable PPA Rate?

Solar Energy World is the only company that has RateGuardian(TM) guaranteed rates. We created and trademarked this own program, and we stand by our guaranteed electricity rates.

*PPAs are not available in Virginia at this time. If you have a home or business in Virginia, we have excellent purchasing options available including a $0 down with financing offer.  Solar Lease instead of PPA is available in Florida. Our Solar Lease in Florida still allows homeowners to pay $0 for solar panels and install.