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RateGuardian(TM), the new Zero Down Solar PPA  by Solar Energy World Makes it Easy to Have a Solar Energy Home

Now it is easier than ever before for homeowners to start saving with solar power. RateGuardian(TM), our new Zero-Down Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), makes it possible for you to pay $0 upfront costs for solar panels and installation. With approved credit, you can have a solar power system installed and only pay for electricity each month at a rate that’s at least 20% less than what your monthly electric bill was prior to going solar  – so you start saving money as soon as your solar panels are installed. We sometimes call our PPA the “No-Brainer” option because you pay absolutely nothing to start saving right away.


Should you go solar with our RateGuardian(TM) PPA or with our Purchase Option? The good news is that either way you go solar, you will start saving on Day One!

RateGuardian(TM) PPA

Rate Guardian Solar Purchase Power Agreement - PPA Chart

Paying nothing to start saving on your utility bills by choosing a PPA like RateGuardian(TM) works like this; We will install what is essentially a mini power station on a roof or property at no cost to you and then sell you the electricity it produces at a locked in rate that is lower than what your utility company charges you.  Your obligation is to pay only for the electricity generated by the panels – but you do not own the equipment.

The beauty of a PPA is that it makes it possible for more homeowners to go solar because there are $0 upfront costs for solar panels and installation. Plus the savings aren’t bad either.  On average with a locked in low rate, homeowners with PPAs end up paying 20% -30%  less a month for electricity than they did prior to going solar. They literally start saving money as soon as the solar panels are installed and activated.

“I love my solar power system. Besides having a warm fuzzy feeling when I think about going green, there are so many benefits to home owners that it almost seems ridiculous not to look into solar energy.” – Teresa Miller, Howard County. MD

Purchase/Ownership Option Helps Homeowners Pay up to 100% Less for Electricity PLUS  Earn Profits

If you decide to purchase a system you will not only save on energy costs as soon as the system is operational, but will also begin to generate profits from the excess energy your system produces. Our company can set it up so you can sell your SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Credits) to earn income.  Plus most homeowners who own their solar system receive money back from their utility company at the end of the year. In fact, on average a purchased home solar system generates a 125% return on investment in 5-7 years. By year 20, homeowners can expect to achieve a 500% return on investment.

Many of Solar Energy World’s customers who own their solar system now pay $0 for their electricity due to the ROI it provides.

We purchased our 15 kW PV system from Solar Energy World almost 5 years ago, they designed a system that took us to NetZero status. Each year we get a check from BGE for the excess energy we produce – can’t beat that! They took care of all the paperwork regarding BGE, and helped us get set up so that we could record our output and sell our SRECS. We recommend their products and service highly.” –  Robyn Knopf Needel, Baltimore County, Maryland

Is Purchase Affordable?

It’s  a lot less difficult to purchase a solar system then many people think it would be. Buying a solar system is similar to purchasing a car. Most people do not pay cash for a car and most people do not pay cash for a solar system. There are many financing options for purchase including an option where a customer can go solar for $0 down and just have low monthly payments.  It is also possible to be cash flow positive on day one. Most things you purchase depreciate in value after time – like a car for example.  A car’s value decreases as soon as you drive it off the lot. A solar electric system’s value goes up.


Quality is Our Only Choice

Regardless of whether you purchase, lease or sign up for our RateGuardian(TM) PPA, you will receive the same superior service and support. We use the same top quality solar panels and equipment – there is no difference. We just want to offer options to make solar power available to every homeowner in Maryland and the region.

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