How Solar Panels and Solar Power Work – The Basics

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Diagram of home rooftop solar panels connecting to the local power grid.

Solar electric panels also called photovoltaic panels or PV panels, are primarily used to power homes that are also connected to the existing power grid system. Solar panels consist of multiple solar cells that form modules. These modules are combined to form the photovoltaic panel. The more solar panels your system has, the more you can reduce your reliance on power from the grid. You use the electricity you produce and draw any additional electricity your house needs from the grid. If you produce more power than you need, that electricity goes back to the grid and you earn credits for the extra energy you produce.

The Economics of Solar Panels

Solar panels save many Marylanders money from day one.For most homeowners, it now makes good economic sense to produce their own solar power. There are tax credits and rebates that greatly reduce the cost of installation. Then if you own your solar system, you begin to generate your own electricity and you can essentially sell your power back to the utility companies!

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Are Free Solar Panels Really Free?

A lot of people see an advertisement for “free solar panels”and automatically think it must be a scam. Those who decide to investigate further learn that what these ads are actually referring to is a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) offer. The solar panels are not “literally” freeRead More >


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