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Sashos homeIf your home qualifies for solar, you can save 50-100% on your electricity bills AND make profits from the electricity your solar system generates.

“Thanks to Solar Energy World, Last summer we paid ZERO for our electricity bill with our air conditioner running full blast” – Candice Stankus, Rockville, MD

“I love opening my mail and seeing a check from BGE instead of a bill!” –  Alice B, Owings Mills, MD

“A little over a year ago you installed our 11.44 kW system. With our electric bill arriving for the meter reading on 01/09/14 – we are now officially a NetZero home! Thank you Solar Energy World!” –  Paul Waxman, Great Mills, MD

We went with the solar system our Solar Energy World Solar Analyst prescribed.  I waited a year to submit this so I would have good data and am happy to say our system replaces 64% of our bill (which is even more than he promised!!) and the money from our SREC sales pays the balance of our annual electric costs with money left over that we put towards our gas bill (just as he said the SRECs would do!)” Gary W, Washington DC


  • Get $1000 OFF purchase* of  a home solar system if you schedule a complimentary home solar evaluation before July 4th, 2014. (Several financing options available for qualified homeowners.)

  • Get an additional $100 OFF purchase* if you “like”us on Facebook (You’ll also get an invitation to our Happy Solar Hour in August.) 


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You don’t have to purchase a solar system to benefit from one:

  • Get FREE Solar Panels & Installation (Lower your electric bill up to 30%, Pay for electricity alone – fixed rate – Power Purchase Agreement)
  • LEASE a Solar System (Low fixed monthly payments: New electric bill and fixed monthly lease payment combined will be 40-60% lower than pre-solar electric bill alone)

*Solar Energy World customers who purchase a solar system from us benefit from a High ROI and earn extra income from energy their system produces. If you want to to take advantage of this $1000 off purchase offer, don’t wait, fill out the form above to schedule an appointment before July 4. Regular pricing will resume July 5. Installed Solar System must be 8kW or larger to qualify for discount on purchase of a home solar system. 


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“No company has ever invited me to choose anyone from their customer list at random to call for an unbiased, unprepared reference, but Solar Energy World did. They also have invested in their own solar system for their headquarters. None of other local solar installation companies I called had done that. Solar Energy World’s commitment and level of integrity is impressive.”

-- Homeowner, Rockville, Maryland


“Our electric bills have dropped by two thirds for this time of year and we are eagerly looking forward to spring and are confident we will be totally off the grid and more… We have highly recommended Solar Energy World to friends.”

-- Homeowner, Tall Timbers, Maryland


“My husband saw our Pepco meter spin backwards for the first time and got all excited. We love our solar panels!”

-- Homeowner, Rockville, Maryland


“I’m really pleased with the work of Solar Energy World. The sales and installation team helped me realize some serious savings plus it adds value to our home.”

-- Homeowner, Columbia, Maryland


“I just got our BGE bill and it was $54!!! Our solar panels are generating 70% of our electric!!! Thanks Solar Energy World!“

-- Homeowner, Joppa, Maryland

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