This New Year, join the millions of Americans who save thousand$ on their utility costs while they help save the Earth’s beauty and resources for our children and grandchildren. 

Just one second of our sun’s energy output could power the entire USA for 9 million years.*  So, it can certainly power a home or business. Today millions of Americans run their homes on sunshine and are paying a cheaper electricity rate than the grid.  Solar Energy World has thousands of customers** from across the USA who are so happy with their savings and the service we provide that they refer new customers every day, making us the fastest-growing, independently-owned solar company in our region.

Now you can join the growing numbers of Americans who have gone solar and pay NOTHING for solar panels and install to lower your utility bill by 20-30% with our solar lease or solar PPA. Or, you can own a solar system for $500 -$2000 Off* if you purchase your solar system from us before the end of this month, and save up to 100% on electricity costs   

But the best news is, no matter which option you choose, when you make the switch to clean, green solar, it won’t just save you money, it will help you protect the environment too. 

Go solar today because tomorrow matters.

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What is the difference between owning your solar system outright or going solar with our RateGuardian(TM) PPA?

SOLAR PPA OPTION: If you choose our RateGuardian(TM) PPA you pay nothing for the equipment or installation and still pay an electricity bill. However you can lock in an electricity rate typically 20-30% lower than your utility’s rate. With the PPA option you basically pay $0 to save money. (Some people call this our “no-brainer” option.) Solar Lease instead of PPA is available in Florida. Our Solar Lease in Florida still allows homeowners to pay $0 for solar panels and install.

OWNERSHIP OPTION: Most of our customers who own their solar systems now pay nothing for their electricity. All of them earn revenue from SRECs and Net metering (utility buy-back). The ROI is phenomenal; 125% in 5-7 years – 500% by year 20 is typical.

What are SRECs & How does Net Metering Work?

NET METERING: Since today’s solar systems are all tied to the grid, if you generate more electricity than you use, the excess goes back to your utility company, spinning the meter backward and giving you a credit for the electricity your solar panel system generated. In simple terms, net metering allows residential and commercial customers who generate their own electricity from solar power to feed electricity they do not use back into the grid. Net metering’s billing mechanism then credits solar energy system owners for the electricity they add to the grid. For example, if a residential customer has a PV system on the home’s rooftop, it may generate more electricity than the home uses during daylight hours. If the home is net-metered, the electricity meter will run backwards to provide a credit against what electricity is consumed at night or other periods where the home’s electricity use exceeds the system’s output. Customers are only billed for their “net” energy use. Exported solar electricity also serves nearby customers’ loads.

SRECs: In addition to individual state Solar Energy Grant Programs and the Solar Federal Income Tax Credit, residents who have installed a solar system can also earn and sell SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Credits) to help offset the cost of their system. An SREC is a trade-able instrument that represents the environmental benefits of electricity generated from renewable energy sources. One SREC represents 1 megawatt hour of electricity.

Top 5 Benefits of Running Your Home on Solar Power

  1. Solar DealsSave 20-100% of your electricity costs – You enjoy reduced electric bills as soon as your solar panel system is turned on. Whether you purchase or choose a Lease or PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) once you start getting your electricity from the Sun you can save  on electricity costs while reducing your dependence on polluting fossil fuels.
  2. Profit from Solar– Homeowners who own their systems outright don’t just reduce their electric bills but actually start making money by producing more electricity than they use. It goes back into the “grid” and you earn money for what you supply to the power company… There is no better feeling than watching the meter spin backwards!
  3. Increase Your Home’s Value– Solar homes are in demand. Buyers enjoy the benefits of an already installed solar system – and all of the warranties, service and support that go along with it. Each Kilowatt installed adds $5,900 to the home’s resale value on average.**
  4. Reduce air, water and land pollution– Solar power makes sense because tomorrow matters. It reduces pollution caused by traditional power generation. With solar panels you are doing your part to ensure a cleaner, better world for future generations.
  5. Use energy guilt free! Record high and low temperatures can make your energy bills huge…unless you run your home on sunshine. Never worry (or argue) about turning up the air conditioning or the heat again. If you want your family to stay cozy and warm in the winter and nice and cool in the summer without paying a fortune for their comfort, choosing to go solar is a practical option.

Top 7 Reasons Why Solar Energy World is is a Regional Leader in Home Solar InstallationsSolar Deals

  1. We’re local. We’re not an impersonal discount retail chain. You are guaranteed to receive personalized customer service.
  2. We practice what we preach. Our headquarters runs on a solar system designed and installed by our own employees. We will be happy to schedule an appointment for you to come see our system up close and learn more about the energy cost savings and extra revenue it generates for us.
  3. Our customers truly love us. To prove it, we will let you pick anyone at random from our customer list to contact for an unbiased, unprepared reference when you meet with us.
  4. We take care of all the paperwork ensuring you get all the incentives and income-generating benefits you are entitled to.
  5. We install only the highest-quality, highest efficiency solar panels with performance guaranteed.
  6. We never send subcontractors to your home or business. All of our installers are our employees, directly accountable to us.
  7. We provide 24/7 monitoring and diagnostics once your system is installed ensuring it will always operate optimally.

DID YOU KNOW?… Solar adoption is growing quickly in the USA and on the East coast in particular where utility rate hikes are never ending and generous tax breaks augment the federal tax breaks and incentives for homeowners who go solar.

Solar Energy World is leading the region’s green jobs growth having installed thousands of solar systems since our founding in 2009. Our company currently installs 140-150 new solar systems a month and are projected to increase 2019’s installations by 30% or more in 2020.

Instead of paying more every year for polluting, fossil-fuel powered electricity, our customers generate their own power from the sun. Their solar systems operate like personal power stations that help them protect the earth for future generations while saving them up to 100% on electricity costs. No wonder a new solar system is now installed in the USA every 90 seconds.**

Solar Deals

*OFFER TERMS:  All offers end 1/31/20. $0 Down Offers are pending credit approval.  To receive free solar gift, in home solar evaluation must be completed by 1/30/20.  Offers do not include battery backup and cannot be combined or added to other discounts or specials previously proposed by a company representative.  Every homeowner’s situation is different, so we need to take a look at your roof, which direction your home is facing and run the numbers to see how we can best make solar work for you. PPA not currently available in Virginia.  Solar Lease instead of PPA is available in Florida. Our Solar Lease in Florida still allows homeowners to pay $0 for solar panels and install. Special Purchase Offers are based on system size: $2000 Off – 25kW system or larger, $1500 Off – 20kW -24kW system, $1000 Off – 15kW  19kW system, $500 Off –  10kW-14kW system   Statistical Sources: SEIA, NASA, GTM Research, Resale Value: Source: Clean Technia  ** Check out our customers’ testimonials here.