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Solar Energy World Has a Beautiful, New Roof-Plus-Solar Solution

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Homeowners can go solar with us for $0 down and get a new roof at a discounted price from our sister company, HCR, at the same time.

Choose our  Solar Lease/PPA to pay $0 for solar panels and install to lock in a lower rate than utility or purchase for $0 Down with our financing to save up  to 100% on your electricity costs and earn rooftop revenue from the excess energy that your solar system will produce.

No matter which option you choose, getting a new solar-powered roof is the best new high-tech investment you can make today.

What could be more beautiful than having a brand new roof that also lowers your utility costs up to 100%?

Our sister company, HCR is a certified roof installation company so if  you choose to go solar with us and get a new roof at the same time, you will receive one estimate from us that includes costs for both to make the process easier for you.

Top Six Benefits of Having a Solar-Powered Roof:

  1. Savings: A solar-powered roof will save you 20-100% on electricity costs.
  2. Profits: Solar roofs generate income for homeowners who own their systems from SRECs.
  3. Tax Breaks: Going solar at the same time you replace your roof can give you added tax benefits.
  4. Protection: Solar Panels shield your new roof from the elements, helping it to last longer
  5. Peace of Mind: Sleep better knowing you went the extra mile to protect the environment with an efficient roof and solar power!
  6. Equity: Most home buyers are looking for low maintenance and low electric bills so yours will stand out from the crowd.
Pay $0
For Solar Panels & Install
To lock in rate 20-30% lower than utility with our Solar Lease/ PPA**
Pay $0
For Electricity
Plus Earn Profits if you purchase a solar system for $0 DOWN (great financing available)**

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How Does Solar Energy World’s Solar System Pricing Work?

The chart below should give you a general idea of how we price our solar systems. For more details, click here.

Purchase System RateGuardian™ PPA /Lease (Power Purchase Agreement)
Initial Investment? $0 to full purchase price $0
Monthly Utility Bill Savings? 50-100% 20-30%
Does System Generate Income? Yes No
Tax Incentives? Yes Included
Do you own the system? Yes Possible
System Warranty? Yes Yes
Energy Monitoring? Yes Yes
Earn Referral Rewards? Yes Yes

Can My HOA Stop Me From Having Solar Panels On My Roof?

It is a common misconception that Home Owner Associations can keep you from going solar. In many states, HOAs are barred from restricting a homeowner’s right to install solar panels. States which have laws that override any HOA contracts seeking to deny the right to install solar PV systems include Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oregon, Vermont, Virginia, and Wisconsin.  That being said, Solar Energy World makes sure all of our installations are done with utmost care and will look professional. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and never subcontract our installations. Every solar installation we execute is carried out by Solar Energy World full-time employees who are fully licensed, insured and bonded.   To see customer videotaped testimonials click HERE.

How Do I Get Started?

Simply fill out the form on this page and we will provide you with your no-cost, customized solar estimate. We can do this in person or virtually online or by phone. Just let us know what you prefer.

About Solar Energy World

Solar Energy World is the fastest-growing, independently owned solar solutions provider in our region because our customers love us and refer new customers to us every day. You can depend on Solar Energy World to be here for you before, during and after installation.

We’re not bragging. You can talk to any of our customers. They’ll tell you that the quality of our service shows that we truly care about our customers, their families and the community we all live in.

**Sources: SEIA, NASA, GTM Research, Resale Value: Source: Clean Technia

Client Reviews:

We went with the solar system our Solar Energy World Solar Analyst prescribed. I waited a year to submit this so I would have good data and am happy to say our system replaces 64% of our bill (which is even more than he promised) and the money from our SREC sales pays the balance of our annual electric costs with money left over that we put towards our gas bill (just as he said the SRECs would do!).
Gary W.
Our electric bills have dropped by two thirds. We have highly recommended Solar Energy World to friends.
Vince & Linda Fisher
I'm really pleased with the work of Solar Energy World and the value solar adds to our home.
Alan Beckeman