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Ever wonder why every day more of your neighbors choose clean, green solar power? When you watch our customers’ videos below you’ll understand why they made the switch.

Your solar-powered neighbors save up to 100% on utility costs, earn income from their solar systems and reduce stress on their community’s power grid all while lowering their neighborhood’s carbon footprint.  This month* you can go solar for no cost with our Solar PPA or Lease that allows you to pay $0 for equipment to lock in a lower rate than your utility. Of course if you prefer to own your system, so you can generate profits from it, we have that option too – for up to $2000 OFF!

There really has never been a better time to consider making a switch to solar yourself. Fill out the form on this page or call 877-765-2788 to find out if you qualify for our Summer Offers* today!

Real people describe how their Solar Energy World systems are working for them in the videos below:
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Carl Seaver

The Waxmans

The Randells

The Daniels

Doug Littell

Stan Lukoff

The Cantwells

Fran Schlusemann

Chris Kiyak

The Andersons

The Shupperts

Gina Bruzdzinski

Dr. Jerome Fleg

Reggie Stewart

Michael Bordi

TV Commerical (cartoon)


About Solar Energy World, Premier Solar System Design & Installation Company

Integrity is the key to our success. We run our headquarters facility on a solar panel system designed and installed by company employees. We definitely practice what we preach. We will be happy to schedule an appointment for you to come see our system up close and learn more about the energy cost savings and extra revenue it generates for us.

Plus when you receive a complimentary solar evaluation from one of our solar analysts, we let you choose anyone at random from our customer list of thousands to call for an unbiased, unrehearsed reference. No one else does this.

To learn more about Solar Energy World click HERE.

Top 5 Benefits of Running Your Home on Solar Power

1) Save 20-100% of your electricity costs– You enjoy reduced electric bills as soon as your solar panel system is turned on. Whether you purchase or choose a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) or lease, once you start getting your electricity from the Sun you can save 20-100% on electricity costs while reducing your dependence on polluting fossil fuels. It’s like having a personal power station on your rooftop or property. If you own your system, you can earn revenue from the energy it produces and make profits. If you choose a PPA you can pay $0 for your solar panels and installation and just pay for your electricity at a rate that is lower than utility status quo. No matter what option you choose, once you switch to clean, green solar power, you are guaranteed to save thousands of dollars.

https://www.solarenergyworld.com/home-solar-panels/products/solar-battery/2) Profit from Your Solar Panels– Homeowners who own their solar panel systems outright don’t just reduce their electric bills but actually start making money by producing more electricity than they use. It goes back into the “grid” and you earn money for what you supply to the power company… There is no better feeling than watching the meter spin backwards!

3) Increase Your Home’s Value– Solar homes are in demand. Buyers enjoy the benefits of an already installed solar panel system – and all of Solar Energy World’s warranties, service and support that go along with it. Each Kilowatt installed adds $5,900 to the home’s resale value on average.***

4) Reduce air, water and land pollution– Solar power makes sense because tomorrow matters. It reduces pollution caused by traditional power generation. With solar panels you are doing your part to ensure a cleaner, better world for future generations.

5) Use energy guilt free! Never worry (or argue) about turning up the air conditioning or the heat again! (Many homeowners report this is an unexpected but very satisfying benefit!)

Schedule a Free Solar Evaluation today to find out if you qualify for our $0 Down Offers! Virtual, online meetings now available.

*OFFER TERMS: Every homeowner’s situation is different, so we need to take a look at your roof, which direction your home is facing and run the numbers to see how we can best make solar work for you.

    • All  offers end 8/31/20 and are pending credit approval.
    • Offers cannot be combined or added to other discounts or specials previously proposed by a company representative.  Offers are not available retroactively to current customers.
    • Gift offer only available to customers who have completed  their free solar evaluation by 8/31/20. Allow 5-7 business days for delivery if evaluation was competed virtually / online
    • Offers do not include battery backup. However, if you are interested in battery, please let your solar analyst know. 
    • The RateGuardian PPA is not available to Virginia and Florida Residents, Solar lease can be substituted for PPA in Florida.
    • Purchase discounts are based on system size  2000 Off – 25kW + system, $1500 Off – 20kW – 24kW system, $1000 Off – 15kW- 19kW system, $500- Off -10kw -14kW system
    • PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)

**Sources: SEIA, NASA, GTM Research, Resale Value: Source: Clean Technia