FACT 1: It’s more expensive to do nothing than to go solar.

80-90% of the energy utility companies distribute to homeowners comes from fossil fuels. Not only is pollution costly for the environment, it is costly for homeowners too. For example, if you spend $200 a month on your electricity with a yearly increase of 4.5%*, in 10 years you will have sent $35,667 to your utility company with no return on your dollars. A solar system would have saved you $23,000 on utility costs in less than seven years plus with SRECs, grants and other incentives the system would not only have paid for itself, but would have made a profit! Most homeowners who go solar save 50-100% on their energy bills. Plus PPA options make it possible for almost anyone to go solar. A typical Solar Energy World customer saves $1,700 a year on their energy bills, earns $15,000 from combined tax incentives and grants and has increased their property value by $40,000 or more. Solar panels also produce a high return on investment. Bonds, CDs and even the S&P 500 don’t come close. Home solar typically generates a 125% ROI in 5 years, 250% in 10 years, 350% in 15 years and almost 500% in 20 years! Our customers love it.

FACT 2: The solar energy industry in America is BOOMING.

New solar photovoltaic (PV) installations in the United States (U.S.) reached a record 4.2 gigawatts (GW) during 2013. Since 2012, the U.S. market has grown 15 percent, making the USA the leading solar market outside the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.*

roi CHART for fbFACT 3: Solar power works in colder, cloudy climates.

Germany isn’t known for being a warm and sunny place but its solar power plants produce between 20-30% of all its daily energy. New Jersey and Massachusetts aren’t nearly as sunny as California or Arizona yet New Jersey now ranks 3rd in the country for solar capacity and Massachusetts ranks 4th. Clouds don’t stop the solar UV rays from getting through and power production from solar panels actually works better in colder temperatures. Optimum temperature for power production is around 43 degrees Fahrenheit.

FACT 4: Next generation solar panels will NOT make today’s technology worthless.

Solar panels are not like mobile phones, computers, or other products that get updated every year. Yes, solar panels will continue to evolve, but that shouldn’t stop you from saving money today. If you want to upgrade in the future, the savings from your current system will more than likely pay for the upgrade.

FACT 5: HOAs in Maryland cannot stop homeowners from installing solar panels.

Home Owner Associations are barred from restricting a homeowner’s right to install solar panels. States which have laws that override any HOA contracts seeking to deny the right to install solar PV systems include: Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oregon, Vermont, Virginia, and Wisconsin.*** Having solar panels on your roof announces to your neighbors and friends that you care about your planet and about the world your grandchildren and future generations will live in. Creating clean energy for you and your family is beautiful, not ugly. So, the next time you hear someone say they won’t go solar because they don’t like how it looks, ask them if they would rather have an ugly roof on a beautiful planet, or a beautiful roof on an ugly planet.

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If your home is solar eligible, you can save up to 100% on your utility bill, generate a continuous stream of extra income, make a profit, AND run your home on cleaner energy.

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* Public Utility Commission **North America PV Markets Quarterly ***DSIRE (Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency)