The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) just completed a study that found large National solar installers’ quotes were 10% higher than non-large installer quotes offered to the same customer. As Maryland’s number one locally owned and operated solar company, this study just confirmed what we already know from competing against huge solar chains like California-owned Solarcity, Utah-owned Vivint, Texas-owned DirectEnergy Solar, and others; Solar Energy World almost always beats what the bigger companies have offered homeowners.

That’s great for our customers but better pricing is not the only reason to choose a locally-owned company to help you make the switch to clean, green solar. Locally owned solar companies offer many benefits to homeowners that national companies cannot always provide. Here are just a few:

  • BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE: National solar companies have much larger advertising budgets that give them greater name recognition. This is to their advantage because many consumers believe if they have heard of a company that automatically means the company must be more credible than the rest. However, if consumers dig deeper and read reviews of the national companies’ local offices on Solar Reviews, Angie’s List, Yelp, Guild Quality and others, they could have an eye-opening experience. Customer service can less responsive for the bigger companies because employees have to report to headquarters in other states and often have corporate bureaucracy to navigate.
  • MORE PRICING FLEXIBILITY: National companies are more likely to use market share goals to determine pricing and duplicate the same pricing formulas across markets. Big companies also spend a lot more on advertising and sales costs than locally-owned companies, so they need to bake that into the pricing. On the other hand, smaller companies can move more quickly when market conditions or policies change and are more likely to work with customers on pricing.
  • BETTER WORK QUALITY: When a homeowner hires a local company unless it is a very small shop with only five or six full-time employees, it is unlikely that their panel installers are subcontractors. For example all of Solar Energy World’s installers are accredited full- time employees, directly accountable to our owners.  This helps ensure work is always done professionally.

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