More and more Americans would prefer cleaner, renewable energy for their homes and would like to see their utility companies invest in solar and wind.

In a recent Consumer Reports poll on consumer attitudes on the subject, eighty-one percent agree that reducing pollution from power plants is a worthwhile goal, while seventy-six percent agree that increasing renewable energy is a worthwhile goal and seventy percent agree that they expect electricity to become cleaner over time.

When the same consumers were asked about their personal commitment to clean energy, fifty-three percent said they would be willing to install solar panels on their own roof and forty-eight percent say they’d be willing to pay $5 more per month for energy that comes from renewable sources.Renewable Energy Chart

Most Americans don’t think their utility company is doing enough to help the state of the environment or to reduce costs.

  • Only eighteen percent believe that their utility company cares about lowering costs.
  • Thirty-three percent trust their utility company to offer fair rates and service.
  • Sixty-one percent would like their utility company to invest in better energy efficiency.
  • Just twenty-two percent think their utility is doing a good job investing in renewable energy.

It’s clear that American consumers overwhelmingly support cleaner energy from renewable sources. It’s time we all take control from the big utility companies and declare our energy independence.

By Sharon Derby, Director of Marketing, Solar Energy World

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