solar panels in snowDid you know solar panels work the best when it’s cold outside? It’s a myth that solar panels stop working when temperatures drop. Solar cells produce electricity when exposed to sunlight and work even more efficiently in colder temperatures. So as long as the sun is shining, a solar electric system will continue to produce electricity.  Furthermore, even when the skies are overcast, solar energy still reaches the solar panels, which means that the solar electric system continues to produce power. Germany certainly is not known for being warm and sunny yet 40-50% of all Germany’s electricity now comes from solar power.

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So during the winter, solar-powered homeowners continue to earn profits and save on energy costs. During last year’s record cold winter, Solar Energy World’s customers paid 50-100% less for electricity than homeowners without solar. Many now have net-zero homes.

darker roi-with-solar2-300x235LOVE Solar Energy World! Researched lots of companies and we are very happy that we went with Solar Energy World. They were great from start to finish – and with any questions we had after that.We had our solar panels installed in Dec. 2013 and have been enjoying LOW electric bills – and our SREC checks! Basically not paying anything for our electric.Highly recommend Solar Energy World. They know what they are doing. 5 stars!” – Natalie McManus, Potomac MD.  To read more testimonials click here.

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