With hurricane super storms on the increase, more people who are considering going solar are asking us if a solar system works during a power outage.  If you have a solar battery system as well as a solar PV system, your power can continue to work. However, if your system is grid-tied, for safety reasons, if there is a power outage your solar system will automatically shut off when the power goes out.

The fact is almost 100% of solar-powered homeowners in our region are grid-tied as this is still the most cost-effective and efficient way to go solar at present.  Even so, all of the solar equipment that Solar Energy World installs is battery-ready so if you wanted to, you could add a solar battery back-up to your system that will power essentials like your refrigerator, well pump, and lights for 2-3 days if the grid goes down.

In places that have a good connection to the electricity grid, and where grid power is reliable, households generally do not need batteries for backup. Homes that have solar panels on their roof or property generate extra energy that goes back into the grid. Homeowners in Maryland can sell their excess power during the day to the local electricity utility, and buy it back at night – so this essentially works like a battery-back up.

Solar Energy World Equipment is Battery-Ready.

The truth is due to the infrequency of power outages in Maryland, PA and DC once homeowners see how this will affect their solar ROI and the increased expense, most choose not to go with this option. But if this still appeals to you,  depending upon the supply availability, we can certainly make it happen.  Unfortunately super storms in our region are becoming more frequent due to global warming which could make power outages more frequent so we expect the trend toward bigger storms will continue making it likely demand for batteries will increase and so will supply.


Our solar battery storage system pricing varies depending upon how much power you would like available to you when the grid goes down, the type of solar panel brand you purchase or lease, the size of your solar system and several other factors.

When you schedule a free solar evaluation with us, it includes a detailed cost benefit analysis so you can decide if adding storage to your installation would make economic sense for you.

Should you wait to go solar if you are not ready to get our solar battery back-up?

Solar Return on Investment without solar battery

There really is no good reason to wait. You can start saving money right now, without battery backup. Solar Energy World has thousands of customers without solar battery back-up and they still save 20-100% on their electricity.

Homeowners who own their solar systems are  generating extra income  and making profits from the excess energy their system produces. Typical ROI is 125% in 5 years and just keeps going up after that.

Homeowners who choose a Solar PPA, pay $0 for solar panels and installation to lock in an electricity rate that is lower than their utility. The longer you wait to go solar, the more money you give away to your utility company with no hope of ROI or savings since never-ending utility rate hikes are a fact of life.

So really, there is no logical reason to wait for to go solar when you can start saving on your energy bills right now.