Solar Energy World Chosen to Install Hundreds of Home Solar Systems in Northern VA for a Second Year by LEAP Co-Op

LEAP’s Solarize NoVA solar energy/energy efficiency co-op returns June 15 through August 31 to Northern Virginia. This year the participating installer is Solar Energy World.  Due to positive reviews from last year’s participants, this is the second time Solar Energy World has been chosen to implement solar installations through this program.

With Virginia’s utility rates on the rise there has never been a better time for homeowners in the area to own a solar energy system to save up to 100% on their utility costs. The Solarize NOVA program allows homeowners to purchase a high-efficiency solar panel system at a highly discounted rate so they can lower their energy costs and their carbon footprint at the same time.

“We are extremely excited to be working with LEAP again in Virginia this year.  This past year has brought some very exciting changes for solar in Virginia with the (VCEA) Virginia Clean Energy Act being passed.  This new law opens up Virginia to become one of the top states in the country for solar independence.  These Co-Op buying programs are great ways for homeowners to get educated about the benefits of going solar and to take advantage of bulk pricing for solar for their home.”,  states Bryan Hacker, Vice President of Sales for Solar Energy World.

Testimonials from last year’s Solarize NOVA program illustrate why participants made the decision to go solar with Solar Energy World.  Although energy cost savings are an important benefit of solar, most sited environmental concerns for why they made a switch.  “I had solar installed because I wanted to use the readily available sunshine as an environmental asset and to lower my dependence on fossil fuels that are heating up our planet with tragic consequences.”says Jeff Taylor of Falls Church, VA.

Another common sentiment expressed by our customers in Virginia is that going solar put the power in their hands to make a positive change.  Ravi Sankararaman from Vienna explains, “I wanted to do my part for the planet when humankind is irreversibly changing the planet in so many other ways that I do not have control over.” Holly Hazard from Falls Church states, “The overuse of fossil fuels is destroying the planet. We are committed to being as gentle as we can to our environment, and this seems like a reasonably easy way to help.”


Solar Energy World is a top-rated solar installation company for residential property owners that has installed thousands of solar panel systems since our founding in 2009. Our mission is to give more people the power to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels to foster financial and environmental security for their children and grandchildren.

Headquartered in Elkridge MD with offices in New Jersey and Florida, we currently serve homeowners and small businesses in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida and Washington DC. In addition to having an A+ rating on BBB, Solar Energy World ranks 85 on Solar Power World’s 2019 Top 500 North American Solar Contractors List for total Kilowatts installed, 15 on the list for total residential kW installed, and number 1 in Maryland for total residential kW installed.


Since 2014, 372 contracts have been signed through the Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP)’s Solarize program, totaling more than 3 MW of solar capacity and nearly $9 million in construction value with regional solar contractors. With a streamlined process and discounted pricing, Solarize NOVA is an affordable and convenient way for homeowners to go solar. The program is run by LEAP in partnership with the Northern Virginia Regional Commission (NVRC), and the participating municipal government.