Ask most companies how they differentiate themselves in today’s marketplace and you might expect to hear a couple of standard answers – responses that typically tout their people and the service they provide. As a major element in our commitment to both employee and customer experience, we are proud to announce that in 2018 Solar Energy World brought on a CXO (Chief eXperience Officer). Steve is charged with proactively engineering positive experiences for both our employees and our customers.

Steve reminds us that, “According to Gartner research, 89% of companies now expect to compete mostly on the basis of customer experience (up from just 36% in 2010). While almost all companies believe that an exceptional customer experience is more important today than it’s ever been, most companies aren’t likely to do anything about it. But most companies aren’t Solar Energy World, and this quest is something that will continue to distinguish this pioneering company and its people.”

Additionally, Steve believes – as we do – that happy employees lead to happy customers. He adds, “I challenge anyone to point to a company known for its consistently exceptional customer experience that doesn’t also foster a consistently exceptional employee experience. In other words, a great customer experience rarely exists in the absence of a thoughtfully engineered employee experience.”

We’re proud to have Steve on our team, fine-tuning and leading the experience that we all – employees and customers alike – take part in.

Steve is a native of Montgomery County and his parents are native Washingtonians. For more than a decade, he’s been volunteering with MCPS (Montgomery County Public Schools) and the Automotive Trades Foundation where he trains high-schoolers on sales and the importance of customer experience. Steve co-founded the 400-member Young Professionals Leadership Group in 2007 and also hosted the cable television and Internet TV show, We Mean Business! from 2009 to 2015 … where he interviewed more than 90 bestselling authors, top executives, and thought leaders. Steve resides with his wife and their two children in Gaithersburg, MD.

“Well beyond the idea of providing you with simply a transaction, we are determined to provide you with an experience … the type of experience that leaves you feeling 1) completely taken care of, and; 2) as if we’ve thought of everything. Nothing makes me more proud to be with Solar Energy World than reading and hearing your positive feedback about our team and the remarkable experience they provided you.”


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