Santa Claus Loves Our Reindeer Safe Solar Package!

By Keelin O’Donoghue,  The S.U.N. Report’s North Pole Correspondent, December 23, 2019

Are you ready to go solar, but worried about leaving adequate roof space for Santa on the most important night of the year?  Have no fear!  Act now, and we’ll include our Santa-Safe Solar Package, complete with sleigh-proof panels, cookies, and milk.  Order before Christmas Eve, and we’ll throw in a solar-powered spigot to keep everyone from Donner to Blixen hydrated.

And of course we take care of the big guy in red; he’s one of our jolliest customers!

“We met with a lot of solar companies all over the world, but when I found out Solar Energy World takes care of all the paperwork, they instantly became our top choice,” said Santa Claus, who went solar during our 2019 Year-End Sale.  “The North Pole Home Owner’s Association is notorious for being incredibly difficult, and don’t get me started on the county permit process up here!”

Santa, a savvy businessman with a heart that spans the globe, opted to not only install solar on his residential address in the North Pole, but to also add a commercial installation to the roof of the Elves’ Workshop. I initially planned on creating a new Elf Department to file all of our paperwork, but there was no need!” Santa explained.  Solar Energy World took care of all the solar tax credits and rebate paperwork for us.  We reaped the benefits without the hassle.”

Mrs. Claus was so impressed with the savings from going solar, she’s ready to add a ground mount out by the reindeer stable in the New Year. Not to mention, even Rudolph’s nose has transitioned to solar power!With storms intensifying, we needed a reliable light to guide our sleigh tonight,” said Claus.  “With the most up to date solar technology beaming from the front of my pack, I feel confident we’ll make it to every child’s home Christmas 2019 no matter what weather hits the horizon. Thank you, Solar Energy World!”

Ready to be as pleased as Santa this season?  Check out our latest Solar Santa sale here!