Selling a Solar Home

Since our solar systems provide 25-30 years of service, homeowners often ask us how going solar could affect the selling price or process should they decide to move.  Some people worry that if they get panels installed it could hurt their chances of selling their home.

While there may be some realtors who are not solar savvy, the ones who know something about solar will tell you they love selling homes that already have a “personal power station” built right in because of the fact that the buyer can expect lower than average utility costs, or even no utility costs at all!

“We literally do not pay an electricity bill all year long.”

Paul Waxman, Solar Energy World Customer

If You Own Your System

Solar can add thousands of dollars to your selling price.  Exactly how much more you can sell it for will vary depending upon your system size and other factors, but according to a recent study the national average for a typical single family home is $15,000.  Of course you will need to properly explain the benefits of your system to prospective buyers and to your realtor if they are not familiar. 

“I’m really pleased with the value solar adds to our home.”

– Alan Beckerman, Solar Energy World Customer

If You Have a PPA

Believe it or not, the simplest and easiest option for all involved is to transfer the PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) to the home buyer. The new homeowners will just need to pass a basic credit check and agree to take over the PPA. To make this work you just need to take the time to properly explain the PPA arrangement during the negotiation process as well as the savings and benefits associated with the solar system.

“Our electric bills have dropped by two thirds.”

Vince & Linda Fisher, Solar Energy World Customers

It’s actually very easy to transfer your system to a new homeowner, whether you own it or have a PPA.

If you are a Solar Energy World customer and are preparing to sell your home, contact us early to help make the process as smooth as possible. We are happy to help educate your prospective buyers and realtors on all of solar’s benefits and how it all works.