Job growth is a figure that is used as test for national economic health. The latest report from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics states “The number of  people in the US filing applications for unemployment benefits fell more than expected last week, pointing to still strong labour market conditions, though the pace of job growth has slowed after 2018’s robust gains.” This means new jobs are becoming harder to find nationwide.

However, there is one industry that consistently shows strong overall job growth. Solar remains the top U.S. job provider in electric power generation—leading natural gas by more than 200,000 jobs —while wind is third, trailing natural gas by fewer than 1,500 jobs.

A few states are leading the efforts to create more jobs in renewable energy including Maryland and New Jersey. In fact, just this week the Maryland Senate passed a renewable energy mandate to increase the portion of electricity that utilities must source from renewable energy to 50% by 2030, including 14.5% from solar by 2028. Although the legislation still needs approval by the House and Governor, this is the largest carve-out for solar by that date according to PV Magazine. Additionally, a recent report by Yahoo Finance states that solar panel installers were the fastest growing job in New Jersey.

Solar Energy World has been hiring more people every year as well. Since opening our doors in 2009 with under 40 Maryland employees, we have grown substantially. Ten years later, our headquarters employs 102 workers and our office in New Jersey has twenty-six!

All of this is great news for consumers as well as workers since the addition of new jobs in solar, mirrors the trend in dropping prices for products as more capacity is installed throughout the country.

By, Sharon Derby, Director of Marketing, Solar Energy World