This year, spring has been unseasonably cooler than usual in our area. However, the days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer and we’re seeing more and more hours of daylight! That means summer is right around the corner and so are the long, hot days and outrageous electric bills that come with it.

If you’ve been considering adopting solar for your home, now is the perfect time to get serious.   It takes 6 to 8 weeks from the time you sign up until your solar system is ready to produce power but if you go solar right now with $zero out of pocket costs, you can lock in a lower electricity rate and you won’t have to sweat over big bills this summer.

In addition, during the warm season, as electricity costs spike, more homeowners finally decide they have had enough with paying huge bills to their utility company so a consumer rush always occurs.  This can slow down permit turnaround times and cause utility approval delays and material back orders. The longer you wait to make the switch to solar, the longer it will take for you to reap the savings. That’s why April and May are the best months to switch to solar power for your home.

When you schedule a free solar evaluation, it will include a customized cost benefit analysis based on your current energy usage, roof or property size, azimuth and other factors. The solar analyst will show you all the various ways you can go solar with us including our Solar PPA that allows you to pay $0 for solar panels and installation and only pay for electricity at a rate lower than utility status quo. You will also see how quickly you can recover your initial investment and start earning real money from your solar system if you decide to purchase it, with or without our financing.

Every day, more of your neighbors choose to get their electricity from the greatest energy source the world has ever known. Just one second of the Sun’s energy output could power the entire country for nine million years. In fact, a new solar energy system is now installed in the USA every 2.5 minutes.

Instead of paying more every year for polluting, fossil-fuel powered electricity, solar-powered homeowners generate their own power from the sun. Their solar systems operate like personal power stations that help them protect the earth for future generations while saving them up to 100% on electricity costs. It’s no wonder more people go solar every day!

Get all the benefits of your own personal power station and take advantage of the long summer days. Check out our current specials and contact us today to schedule your free solar evaluation.

By Sharon Derby