Solar Shopping? Don’t Get Mislead By Online Calculators, “Buy Panels Online” or Phone Quotes

It’s Not That Easy Sometimes homeowners become annoyed when we tell them we can’t give them estimates online or over the phone. Others ask why we don’t have a solar calculator or order yourself option on our website.  Some people have told us they think we are trying “trick” them into receiving a high pressure […]

What’s it Like to Sell a Solar-Powered Home?

Selling a Solar Home

Since our solar systems provide 25-30 years of service, homeowners often ask us how going solar could affect the selling price or process should they decide to move.  Some people worry that if they get panels installed it could hurt their chances of selling their home. While there may be some realtors who are not […]

Grants and Incentives for Solar Panels

Perhaps the biggest myth about solar energy is that it is too expensive. The reality is that solar energy is more affordable than ever. In fact, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), the cost of solar panels is down 70% since 2009. But it is more than just low cost that makes the […]

Solar Savings Calculator

Using solar panels can help save money on energy bills. In addition, there are several state and federal incentives, such as grants and tax credits that can make solar energy such a great investment. But just how much money can you save? The number might be surprising. To get an idea of how much savings […]

Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SRECs)

Solar Renewable Energy Credits, or SRECs, are an extra financial benefit to generating solar energy. In Maryland, and other states, electricity suppliers must produce a part of their electricity from solar generators. The Maryland solar industry is attempting to model itself after solar energy leaders, such as California and New Jersey. In order to meet […]

Solar Power in New Jersey

New Jersey is the most densely populated state resulting in a real effort to preserve the state’s remaining open spaces. This has limited the prospect of a large utility-scale solar energy installations. The state also experienced a period of heavy industrialization in the absence of environmental regulations, and has responded by tightening said regulations significantly. […]

Solar power in the news

If you’re considering adding photovoltaic solar panels to your residence or commercial project, here’s some good news: research from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found “strong evidence that California homes with photovoltaic systems have sold for a premium over comparable homes without PV systems.” In an April 21 article, the New York Times shared that […]

How to Calculate ROI on Your Solar Panel System

Usually, you only hear the term ROI—or return on investment—in business terms. It’s a pretty typical measurement that measures whether or not a particular investment is worth its cost. In other words, ROI measures if something is profitable. You can easily calculate the ROI of your solar panel system. Here’s the formula we use when […]