It’s Not Sci-Fi; Solar is Our Most Powerful Energy Source

Solar is our most powerful energy source

THE SCIENCE IS IN AND SOLAR ROCKS!  More Than 1.5 Million Americans Run Their Homes on Sunshine, our most powerful energy source. By Laureen Peck, Solar Energy World There is no question that Solar is our most powerful energy source. Just one second of our sun’s energy output could power the entire USA for 9 […]

Are Solar Shingles Ready For Prime Time?

Recently, Tesla announced that orders would begin to be accepted for the long anticipated solar roof shingles Elon Musk has been promising. Despite the hype, our analysts have concluded that solar shingles are not presently an efficient or cost-effective way for homeowners to go solar. This article will explain why. Starting later this summer limited […]

Solar Technology: Eye-ing up the Sun

Solar systems are most efficient when they reach that “sweet spot” on your roof. Essentially, solar array systems need to be pointed in the right direction. Helping us do that is the Solmetric Sun Eye, a handheld device that helps solar installers target the sun to design the best systems.