Everyone was courteous, knowledgeable and did their best to provide us with a product that is performing exceptionally well. Our system is ground-mounted, and well placed in an area of our property where it receives the maximum amount of sunlight possible without intruding on the aesthetics of the property. Our daily production is excellent. Weather conditions prevented the installation as quickly as hoped, but the schedule moved as quickly as possible despite the many regulatory requirements and permits. Solar Energy World moved things along like a well oiled machine, grinding through the paperwork, coordinating numerous installation personnel, and outside contractors – all this despite our remote location and the distances each crew traveled to reach our property. Our solar array is a sight to behold – the frame is solid, the panels beautiful, the electrical conduits installed as requested, the meters and inverters firmly affixed in a convenient location for us and our utility meter readers. The remote monitoring is an excellent feature as well which can be accessed by us and Solar Energy World to ensure the system is working as it should. I would highly recommend Solar Energy World to anyone interested in saving the environment and enjoying all the benefits of solar energy production – Solar Energy World is a class act.

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