Top 5 Solar Benefits Solar-Powered Homeowners Say They Appreciate This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is all about good times and appreciating what’s best in life including solar benefits. The lucky among us spend the day with friends and family, watching the parade and perhaps a football game, while we overeat and enjoy good company. As we loosen our belts and prepare our stomachs to stretch, here is a list of top 5 solar benefits our solar-powered customers report appreciating most.

Top 5 Solar Benefits Solar-Powered Homeowners Claim They Are Most Thankful For:

  1. “Low to No Electricity Bill”  While there are many benefits to going solar, the main advantage is of course, saving money.
  2. “I often Make Money” If you own your solar panels and create more energy than you use, the power company will pay you for the electricity you produce.
  3. “My Home’s Value Increased” Fossil fuel dependency is becoming outdated. Potential buyers in the market are savvy to the savings solar will provide and your property value goes up because of it.
  4. “I Help the Environment” Homeowners with solar panels feel great about doing their part to help preserve and protect our environment for their children and grandchildren.
  5. “I Use my Electricity Guilt Free”  Most couples disagree on the thermostat setting and some fight over it. While solar will not make one person colder and the other warm, it will allow guilt-free use of all your electric utilities, appliances and entertainment. You can crank up the power, and still save money.

Installing solar panels on your home not only guarantees you massive savings in the long run, many people decide to go solar with a $0 Down PPA instead of buying and realize savings even sooner. To see our customers on camera describing why they love their solar systems, click HERE.

By Jordan Lebowitz

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