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Owning a home solar system is like having a personal power station on your rooftop or property.  Not only does it produce power, it generates extra income for you. Plus, going solar means you will no longer be affected by never-ending rate hikes. Wouldn’t you rather pay yourself instead of your utility company? 

To learn more about how you can earn income from going solar, and see current tax breaks and incentives  click here. To understand how net metering works, click here.  To find out if your home is solar eligible and if you could be paying $0 for electricity, fill out the form on this page to request a FREE home solar evaluation.

LOVE Solar Energy World! We had our solar panels installed in Dec. 2013… Basically not paying anything now for our electric.” – Natalie McManus, Potomac MD

“We purchased our system 5 years ago. Each year we get a check from BGE for the excess energy we produce. Can’t beat that!” -Robyn Needel, Reisterstown MD

“We love our solar power system. Besides having a warm fuzzy feeling when I think about going green, there are so many benefits to home owners that it almost seems ridiculous not to look into solar energy.” – Terea Miller, Columbia, MD.

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The S.U.N. Report

Two Reasons Why Pro-Environment Homeowners Don’t Switch to Solar Power

Judging by social media and the news, environmentalists and people who care about environmental issues are quite upset by recent developments. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is being defunded and may actually be abolished by 2018. The Clean Power Plan,Read More >


Maryland Solar Workers Celebrate! Clean Energy Jobs Bill is Reinstated

As word got out that Maryland’s clean energy jobs bill was reinstated, a loud cheer was heard throughout Solar Energy World’s facility in Elkridge. Employees are very happy that Maryland will continue to support clean, renewable energy.  Locally owned andRead More >


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“Solar Energy World was a pleasure to work with. The expectations they set for the timing of the installation, permits and power company activities were spot on. Their installation team was clean, courteous and fast.”

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