People who run their homes on sunshine can save 20-100% on energy costs. This is the number one reason why every day more people switch to home solar even though the environmental benefits of pollution-free energy are well known.  In fact, the solar industry is creating new jobs at a faster pace than gas, oil and coal combined to keep up with consumer demand.

Unfortunately, not everyone who would like to go solar can qualify for it. But there are also tons of homeowners who could go solar but have no idea that their home could be perfect for solar.

There are others who believe their home might qualify but have put off looking into it because they heard that going solar is expensive. They are unaware that they can actually pay NOTHING for solar panels and installation with a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to lock in an electricity rate that is lower than what they currently pay to their utility. (Many people call this the no-brainer option, because you literally pay nothing to start saving money.)

The bottom line is that the ideal solar home has an unshaded rooftop and a southern exposure or has plenty of unshaded property that would work for a ground mounted system. Having enough space to hold enough solar panels to generate enough power to offset costs is also important.  If you have an unshaded area, enough roof space and a good credit rating, chances are you do qualify to go solar.

The Info-graphic on this page can give you a quick way to determine if it makes sense to explore going solar further. To read more detailed information about what makes a home qualify for solar, click HERE.

Of course if you want to know for sure if your home qualifies best thing to do is to fill out the form on this page or give us a call. We can look at your home online and let you know right away if there is enough roof space or property to make going solar a practical option for you.

Written by Laureen Peck