Why do I need a Solar Analysis?

The cost of a solar panel installation, and therefore the introduction of solar power into a home or building, depends on several different variables. The amount of sunlight that hits your roof depends on the amount of shade, such as shadows cast by nearby trees or structures, and direction that the roof faces. A south facing roof collects the maximum amount of sunlight, meaning it generates the most solar power.

We also need to consider the usable surface area of the roof, to see how many solar panels can fit. This, combined with the direction of the roof and the amount of direct sunlight it is exposed to regularly, will determine just how much electricity can be generated. A look at the structure and property will also tell us if a different option, such as a pole-mounted system that does not sit on the roof, is a better fit for you.

We would also to consider how much electricity the building needs. An examination of your electric bill helps us gauge the typical usage, and our solar analysts can work with you to come up with a solution that will provide enough solar power for your home and household needs. Plus, we will be able to tell you which incentives are available for your area, which may decrease the initial cost of installation.