Soccer Dome

This commercial solar array has expected SREC revenue of $132,000 over 10 years. It offsets 86% of office electric usage.

Project Overview:

Location: Harmans, MD

Completed: August, 2015

Number of Solar Panels: 496

Products: SolarWorld 250w


-Reduced CO2 Emissions: 92.2 Metric Tons / Yr
-Recycling Waste vs Sending to Landfill: 34.5 Tons
-Carbon Sequestered Annually by U.S. Forests: 75.6 Acres
-CO2 Emissions from Gas Consumed: 10,335 Gallons

“This installation is a win for the environment AND Soccer Dome, with electricity cost savings, SREC revenue and carbon offset of 92.2 metric tons/year.”

Soccer Dome was interested in installing a solar panel array on their roof to offset carbon, save money on their electric bill, and earn profits from SREC revenue.

Mission accomplished.