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Terms & Conditions For Current Sale Offers

Every homeowner’s situation is different, so we need to take a look at your roof, which direction your home is facing and run the numbers to see how we can best make solar work for you. However, based on current customer data, 50-100% savings on utility costs is typical for homeowners who own their solar systems and 20-30% savings on utility costs is typical for homeowners who have a Solar Lease or PPA (Power Purchase Agreement).

Results may vary for you based on your electricity usage, type of panel, financing choice and other factors. Your Solar Energy World representative will provide you with a detailed cost/benefit analysis as part of your customized solar estimate based on your specific needs, so you can make an informed decision.

January Offer Terms

  • All Offers end 1/31/23 and are pending credit approval. Does not apply to cash purchase.
  • Offers cannot be combined or added to other discounts or specials previously proposed by a company representative. 
  • Offers are not available retroactively to current customers.
  • Offers do not include battery backup. However, if you are interested in battery, please let your solar analyst know because battery backup is available with your solar panel installation. To learn more about our battery products. click HERE.
  • RateGuardian (TM) PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) is not available to Virginia, Delaware, Florida, or North Carolina residents. However, the $0 Down Solar lease works the same way and can be substituted for PPA in Florida. Unfortunately, due to Virginia, Delaware and North Carolina’s regulations, solar companies cannot offer PPAs or Leases in those states, but solar ownership is permitted. Solar Energy World offers excellent financing terms for purchase, including a $0 Down option.
  • Special Purchase Discount offer is Based on System size – Excellent financing available. Homeowners who own their solar systems can also earn income from the excess energy their solar panels produce through net-metering and SRECS. Tax breaks and incentives are also available. Discounts are as follows:
    • $2000 Off: 20kW + system
    • $1500 Off: 15-19kW system
    • $1000 Off: 10-14kW system
    • $500 Off: 7.5-9kW system
  • Homeowners who own their solar systems can earn income from the excess energy their solar panels produce. For more information click HERE.
  • Tax breaks and incentives for going solar are available. For information click HERE

COVID-19 Update

During the current Covid-19 crisis, Solar Energy World has decided to protect our employees as well as our customers by offering virtual home consultations for customers utilizing video conferencing technology and DocuSign electronic signature tools in addition to in-person consultations. For more information on how Solar Energy World is addressing the COVID-19 crisis, please click HERE.