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Earn Rewards for Solar Referrals*

We encourage our current customers to refer their friends to this generous rewards program.

Many of our customers have benefited from this program as a bonus above and beyond the money they save on their electric bill from going solar. 

Our solar referral rewards program is so generous that you don’t even need to be a customer to earn cash for referrals! Non-customers are eligible for rewards as well.

Please Enter Your Referrals Below:

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Listen below to a customer who referred a friend and earned a $500 bonus in the mail.

(Warning: Make sure you have a tissue ready.)

* Please note, individuals may not refer themselves. Referrals must have no prior contact with Solar Energy World to be considered a customer referral. Visa card will be delivered upon completed paid-in-full installation. Allow 5-7 business days upon installation for mail delivery.