Purchase System RateGuardian™ PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)
Initial Investment? $0 to full purchase price* $0
Monthly Utility Bill Savings?** 50-100% 20-30%
Does System Generate Income? Yes No
Tax Incentives? Yes Included***
Do you own the system? Yes Possible****
System Warranty? Yes Yes
Energy Monitoring? Yes Yes
Earn Referral Rewards? Yes Yes

*Depends on financing.
**Savings Vary per customer. Percentages listed are based on data from SEW’s customers’ installed systems.
***Included – With a PPA the tax benefits and additional income contribute to making your system cost $0.
****Possible – A PPA provides a path to ownership.

You can either purchase your solar system outright and enjoy the full savings of the power your system generates OR put no money down and enjoy savings that are a bit less. This option is called a Power Purchase Agreement or PPA.

We meet at your home to make sure your property is a good candidate for solar. We calculate how many panels you can install and the power that you will be able to generate. We’ll explain all of the details including your potential purchase cost versus a PPA so you can make a fully informed decision.