Purchase System RateGuardian™ PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) or Solar Lease
Initial Investment? $0 to full purchase price* $0
Monthly Utility Bill Savings?** 50-100% 20-30%
Does System Generate Income? Yes No
Tax Incentives? Yes Included***
Do you own the system? Yes Possible****
System Warranty? Yes Yes
Energy Monitoring? Yes Yes
Earn Referral Rewards? Yes Yes

PPA vs. Purchase

There are two ways you can go solar with Solar Energy World. With our Power Purchase Agreement (Also known as a PPA or a Lease) you pay NOTHING for the solar equipment and installation. You only pay for the electricity your solar panel system produces and can lock in a rate that is 20-30% lower than your utility’s rates. You basically pay $0 to save money!

If you prefer to own your solar panel system, you can save up to 100% on your electricity costs. It is also much easier to purchase a solar system than many people think. We offer several financing options, including an option where you can own the system for $0 down and just have low monthly payments. It is also possible to be cash flow positive on day one. AND a solar electric system’s value actually increases over time.

Why do we need an in-person solar analysis?

If you are considering going solar, you should make sure you are getting accurate information so you can make an informed decision. An onsite visit is better for you than trying to figure out costs online for these 3 reasons;

  1. You cannot get a detailed financial analysis of your building’s energy costs and your projected return on investment by looking at ballpark figures online. Solar is too important an investment to give people online quotes. If you are considering purchasing a solar system, the return on investment is phenomenal but it varies for each person and requires financial analysis by an expert who understands the SREC market, tax incentives, grants, net-metering (AKA utility buy-back), long term financial planning and more.
  2. Online calculator quotes often come in a lot lower or somewhat higher than what it will really cost someone to go solar. That’s why we got rid of the calculator we once had on our website. There are constantly changing incentives and tax breaks that affect pricing almost daily. There are also different types of solar PV products. Some are high efficiency and some are not.  A calculator cannot determine what type of solar panel will be best for your building’s energy needs.
  3. A few solar installation companies who give quotes online or on the phone do this because they want to entice you with a low price to get you to meet with them, or because they are not a full service solar system design and installation company and expect you to do most of the work. Solar Energy World does not sell DIY or one-size-fits-all solar systems and we don’t disappear once the installation is complete.

We can promise you that meeting with us will be a good use of your time. Solar Energy World’s customer service and the quality of our work is so good that when you meet with us, your solar analyst will show you a list of all of Solar Energy World’s thousands of customers and let you pick anyone from our customer list at random who you can then call for an unbiased, unrehearsed reference. If you ask for references from other companies most will give you 2 or 3 customers to call who are cherry-picked ahead of time. They certainly do not need to meet with you in person to do that.

The bottom line is that you can either purchase your solar system outright and enjoy the full savings of the power your system generates OR pay nothing for solar panels and installation and enjoy savings that are a bit less with our RateGuardian(TM) Power Purchase Agreement or PPA. Either way, going solar will save you money.

Schedule a no-cost solar evaluation that will include a detailed cost-benefit analysis so we can determine if your property is a good candidate for solar. We will calculate how many panels you can install and the power that you will be able to generate. We’ll explain all of the details including your potential purchase cost versus a PPA so you can make a fully informed decision.

*Depends on financing. Solar Energy World offers several excellent financing options including $0 down.
**Savings Vary per customer. Percentages listed are based on data from SEW’s customers’ installed systems.
***Included – With a PPA the tax benefits and additional income contribute to making your system cost $0.
****Possible – A PPA provides a path to ownership.

*PPAs are not available in Virginia at this time. If you have a home or business in Virginia, we have excellent purchasing options available including a $0 down with financing offer.  *Solar Lease instead of PPA is available in Florida. Our Solar Lease in Florida still allows homeowners to pay $0 for solar panels and install.