Federal, state and local governments offer tax incentives and grants to encourage homeowners and businesses switch to solar. Solar Energy World stays on top of the latest local solar incentives for you, so that you don’t have to worry about missing out. We also apply for all of these incentives on your behalf so you get the benefit without the hassle.

Federal tax incentives pay for up to 30% of your solar system – but this incentive won’t last forever.

This federal tax incentive helps make solar very affordable. State and local governments offer additional incentives for going solar. Some jurisdictions even offer property tax discounts when you go solar. We keep up with every incentive available in all areas we serve.

See the details for incentives available in Maryland, Virginia, Florida and in New Jersey.

If you live in Pennsylvania or Washington, DC, contact us – we’ll explain the incentives you are eligible for and help you take full advantage of every financial opportunity. We’ll take these savings into account as we calculate the the Return on Investment will earn from your solar system.