Red Hawk LLC

in 2014, due to massive growth an development, Red Hawk, LLC needed to expand not only their operations but also take a closer look at expenses. Their 60,000-sf facility housed offices, warehouse and distribution. Alternative options for energy was a key decision for reducing operational costs.

Project Overview:

Location: Baltimore, MD

Completed: August, 2014

Number of Solar Panels: 644

Products: Canadian Solar 310 W Panels


Red Hawk, LLC’s solar energy system is expected to generate nearly $30,000 worth of electricity each year, and nearly $800,000 during its lifetime. This offsets a significant percentage of the company’s energy usage.

The CO2 emissions reduced by Red Hawk are equivalent to saving 200 acres of forests per year, or offsetting 404,000 miles driven in a passenger car per year.


As the company grew, their operating expenses grew — including energy consumption. With electric rates in Baltimore, MD increasing year after year, Red Hawk knew they needed to make a change in order to continue their growth



In order to reduce expenses and eliminate electricity rate increase, the company reached out to Solar Energy World to design, install and maintain a solar energy system. Using federal and local rebates as well as energy incentives, Solar Energy World implemented a cost effective 199 kWh solar energy system that significantly reduced Red Hawk’s energy expenses.