Now through May 31st, you can show your support for our planet and our country while saving up to 100% on energy costs with $0 Down Solar.*

This Memorial Day, Solar Energy World would like to thank the families of those who served. The sacrifice they made allows us to enjoy a life of freedom and safety in the greatest country on Earth.

We also want to thank all the solar-powered homeowners in the USA. Having a solar system on your roof or property shows that you support American energy independence, believe in leaving a safer & cleaner America behind for your children, and are helping to grow green jobs for veterans when they return home.

HURRY! Our Memorial Day Offers End 5/31/19* 

Memorial Day Special Offer

Solar Energy World also helps homeowners apply for tax credits, SRECS, grants and any other incentives you could be eligible for, making the whole process of going solar hassle-free.


GO SOLAR TODAY Because Tomorrow Matters.

There has never been a better time to go solar. If you want your family to live in a climate controlled environment while keeping energy costs to a minimum, don’t wait to see if you qualify for solar. Find out today if your home is solar-eligible so you’re ready for whatever the weather brings. Extreme temperatures can make your energy bills surge — unless you run your home on sunshine. So, you have a choice. You can keep on paying more every year to your local utility company or you can switch to clean, green solar power now for $0 and pay up to 100% less for electricity.


Most people today have heard that going solar will reduce their electricity bills while allowing them to run their homes on clean energy. But when it comes time to make the switch to solar, it’s hard to know who to trust to help you get started.

Founded in 2009, with facilities in Maryland and New Jersey, Solar Energy World is the fastest-growing, independently owned solar solutions provider in our region because our customers love us and refer new customers to us every day. You can depend on Solar Energy World to be here for you before, during and after installation. We’re not bragging. You can talk to any of our customers. They’ll tell you that the quality of our service shows that we truly care about our customers, their families and the community we all live in.

We can PROVE our customers love us.

When you have your free solar evaluation with Solar Energy World we will show you our customer list of thousands of completed installations and invite you to choose anyone you wish at random to call yourself for an unbiased, unprepared reference. We want you to be 100% comfortable before we proceed. Our competitors do not do this. They will give you cherry-picked references to callWe are in your state, supporting our local community with green jobs and more financial options for going solar than ANY of our competitors.


Sick of Rate Hikes?

RateGuardian PPA versus UTILITY Rates

You won’t have to overpay for electricity if you have a solar system installed. Many of our customers pay $0 for electricity even during peak energy usage times. Plus going solar is just plain a good idea. When you go solar you support American job growth, American Energy Independence and your own independence from your utility company.

If you have been considering going solar, now is the time to take advantage of our special offers and government incentives that cover 30-50% of system cost. Reduce your energy bill and never pay for rate hikes again with a premium solar system from Solar Energy World

Our customers avoid electricity rate spikes even when most utility companies make massive profits. During Winter and Summer months when extreme temperatures cause a surge in energy usage, Solar Energy World customers pay 20-100% less for electricity than their neighbors without solar power.

And if they own their system they also earn extra income from the excess energy their solar system produces. In fact, many of our customers pay zero for their electricity. No wonder a new solar system is now installed in the USA every 2.5 minutes.**


*All offers end 5/31/19. .$0 Down Offers are pending credit approval. $0 Down PPA is not available in Virginia. If you have a home or business in Virginia, we have excellent purchasing options available, including a $0 down with financing offer. To receive free solar gift, in home estimate must be completed by 5/31/19.  Offers do not include battery backup and cannot be combined or added to other discounts or specials previously proposed by a company representative.  Every homeowner’s situation is different, so we need to take a look at your roof, which direction your home is facing and run the numbers to see how we can best make solar work for you.*

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