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Going solar helps protect our planet for future generations because the energy it produces is pollution-free.  Plus, if you choose to go solar with our company we donate a portion of our profits from each solar system we install to help build life-saving, solar-powered water purification systems in developing nations through the GivePower program.  But doing good for our planet is not the only reason to switch to solar power. Solar panels lower your utility costs as well as reducing your carbon footprint.

In fact, many of our solar-powered customers have zero electricity costs and actually earn income from their solar systems!

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Why Go Solar Now?

Every day more of your neighbors make the smart financial decision to go solar.  They save 20-100% on their utility costs, and if they own their solar system they also generate income from the energy it produces.

We offer no-contact solar consultations, so nothing can stop you from finding out if solar is right for you too.

Top 5 Benefits of Running Your Home on Solar Power

1.   Save 20-100% of your electricity costs

You enjoy reduced electric bills as soon as your solar panel system is turned on. Whether you purchase your system outright or choose a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) can save 20-100% on electricity costs while reducing your dependence on polluting fossil fuels. If you choose a Solar PPA you can pay $0 for your solar panels and installation and just pay for your electricity at a locked in rate that is lower than utility status quo. No matter which option you choose, once you switch to clean, green solar power, you are guaranteed significant savings.

2.  Profit from Solar

Homeowners who own their systems outright don’t just reduce their electric bills but actually start making money by producing more electricity than they use. It goes back into the “grid” and earns money for the energy supplied to the power company… There is no better feeling than watching the meter spin backwards!

3.  Increase Your Home’s Value

Solar homes are in demand. Buyers enjoy the benefits of an already installed solar system – and all of the warranties, service and support that go along with it. Each Kilowatt installed adds $5,900 to the home’s resale value on average.***

4.  Reduce air, water and land pollution

Solar power makes sense because tomorrow matters. It reduces pollution caused by traditional power generation. With solar panels you are doing your part to ensure a cleaner, better world for future generations.

5.  Use energy guilt free!

Never worry about turning up the air conditioning or the heat again! (Many homeowners report this is an unexpected but very satisfying benefit!)

Did You Know ?… Solar  is growing quickly in the USA because utility rate hikes are never ending and generous incentives augment the federal tax breaks and incentives for homeowners who go solar. Instead of paying more every year for polluting, fossil-fuel powered electricity, our customers generate their own power from the sun. Their solar systems operate like personal power stations that help them protect the earth for future generations while saving them up to 100% on electricity costs.

Top 7 Reasons Why Solar Energy World is A Regional Leader for Residential Solar

Locally-owned and operated Solar Energy World is leading the region’s green jobs growth having installed thousands of solar systems since our founding in 2009. We average 130-140 new installations a month. Here are the top 7 reasons why we are growing so fast.

1.  We’re not a discount retail chain

You are guaranteed to receive personalized customer service.

2.  We practice what we preach

We run our facility on a solar system designed and installed by our own employees. We will be happy to schedule an appointment for you to come see our system up close and learn more about the energy cost savings and extra revenue it generates for us.

3.  Our customers truly love us

To prove it, we will let you pick anyone at random from our customer list to contact for an unbiased, unprepared reference.

4.  We take care of all the paperwork

We make sure you get all the incentives and income-generating benefits you are entitled to.

5.  We install only the highest-quality, highest efficiency solar panels

Performance guaranteed.

6.  We never send subcontractors to your home or business

All of our installers are our employees, directly accountable to us.

7.  We provide 24/7 monitoring and diagnostics

Once your system is installed we ensure it will always operate optimally.

***Sources: SEIA, NASA, GTM Research, Resale Value: Source: Clean Technia  *The GivePower Foundation, located at 500 2nd Street, 1st Floor, San Francisco, CA 94107, is a 501(c)(3) charity. GivePower’s annual report and more information are available at givepower.org.  Registration with any regulatory agency does not imply endorsement. Donation is tax deductible by Solar Energy World, not the customer.