Solar for Business

Commercial Solar Panel Systems in Maryland, Washington DC, Florida, Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Business owners and corporate boards see more than just the energy savings and green benefits of commercial solar power panels. Commercial solar panel systems are a lucrative investment vehicle with attractive ROI. As a result, companies actively use solar power to deploy capital and hedge energy risks.

In addition to the financial incentives, companies enjoy the positive value of “going green” with solar panels – from customers that appreciate your forward thinking approach, to employees who enjoy participating in a green effort, and other ancillary benefits.

Financial Incentives:

  • 30% federal tax credit on all money spent on solar
  • State and local solar energy rebate programs (we’ll certainly detail what’s available in your jurisdiction)
  • 50% accelerated bonus depreciation (year 1)
  • Up to 200% energy production – so continuous profit from selling energy to the grid
  • SREC (Solar Renewable Energy Credit) revenue

With these financial incentives, most commercial entities realize a 3-5 year payoff schedule as well as continued dual revenue streams thereafter via energy savings and SREC revenue.

We assist business owners through the grant, tax credit, depreciation and SREC process to help maximize the return on their solar panel investment.

Solar Energy Options:

Capital Investment (Customer owns PV system)

  • Owner receives rebates and tax incentives
  • Requires capital up front
  • Fastest payback and greatest economic gain

Commercial Solar Power Purchase Agreement

  • Purchase kWh from PV system owner
  • No capital required

Commercial Solar Clients and Case Studies

Solar Energy World has designed and installed commercial solar panels for clients across a wide variety of industry sectors.  Solar Energy World  has made it possible for each of our commercial solar clients to increase their operational sustainability, save on energy costs and generate extra revenue from the excess energy their solar panel systems produce,  all while helping to protect the environment.

Clients We Have Worked With

Commercial Solar - Telerep
Commercial Solar - Rhine
Commercial Solar - Glebar
Commercial Solar - BDW

Commercial Solar - Soccerdome

Commercial Solar - NCB
Commercial Solar - BioScience

Commercial Solar - Red Hawk

Clients / Case Studies (Click to view):

Metuchan Sports Complex, Metuchen NJ
Soccer Dome, Harmans, MD
HydraTec, Baltimore MD
Federal Stone Industries, Thurmont MD