6 Steps for Success

See how much you can save!

Step One Free Solar Analysis

1. Solar Panel Cost / Benefit Analysis

The first step is to schedule an  appointment to get your FREE solar analysis where you will learn more about solar energy, solar panel rebates and federal/local solar incentives as well as payment options such as solar PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) and ownership, so you can make an informed decision.

Step 2: A certified technician performs a detailed assessment of your home to prepare for your solar panel installation.

2. Solar Panel Site Assessment

Once we’ve provided you with a free cost/benefit solar power analysis and you’re ready to move forward, we’ll send one of our certified solar technicians to your home to confirm the measurements and energy savings. Plus, we’ll make sure we’ve got the appropriate permits to start your project.

Step 3: We handle all the paperwork to help you get the most rebates and incentives for your new solar panel system.

3. Solar Rebates and Solar Incentives

We complete the solar tax credits and rebate paperwork for you to ensure that you’re getting all the financial support that is available. We’ll explain it all to you and take care of setting everything up– few companies take the time to make it this easy to go solar and start reaping the benefits!

4. Solar Panel Installation

Then we get started on the solar panel installation. The installation is usually complete within 2-3 days depending on the size of your system. Our solar panel installation crews have more than 74 combined years of experience in roofing and electric ensuring that you have the best solar installation possible. We will make sure that the solar panel installation goes as smoothly as possible, updating you periodically on the status of the solar panel installation.

Step 5: After your solar panels are installed, we set up the final system inspection.

5. Solar Panel System Inspection

Once your solar panel system is installed – we set up the final inspection with the appropriate Municipality and/or utility company. Then we make sure you’re connected to the grid so you can start receiving the rewards.

Step 6: Solar Energy World monitors your solar panel system to ensure optimal performance.

6. Monitor and Support

We remotely monitor your solar system – if there is every any problem with your solar panel system, we will alert you and schedule service.

Start Saving and Earning!

It’s simple – you enjoy the daily energy savings and we’ll take care of the rest! Take the first step today and schedule your Free Solar Analysis.