No Partisan Divide When it Comes to Wind and Solar

A large majority of voters in both parties want more renewable energy, even if congress is divided on the issue. With the constant infighting going on in our nation’s capital, it is refreshing to learn that Democrats and Republicans agree on at least one thing.  

Why Do A large majority of voters in both parties want more renewable energy? 

A recent Business Insider poll found the following:

  • Both self-identified Democrats and Republicans support the idea of the nation transitioning towards renewable sources of energy.
  • Solar and wind power were the top two preferred alternative energy sources among both groups of respondents, while coal was ranked dead last.
  • A Gallup poll supports the Business Insider survey. It found that Americans overwhelmingly favor expanding the production of green energy sources, particularly solar and wind. Around half also said they believed there should be less emphasis on coal power.
  • The use of renewable energy sources like wind and solar power has doubled in the last decade, according to the US Energy Information Administration, and federal and state policies combined with the declining cost of production drove much of the growth.

Americans choose renewable energy for their homes for a variety of reasons. Some do it  because they want to support American energy independence. Others want to help grow green jobs and boost our economy. Many switch from fossil fuels to green energy to help protect the environment. 

According to Pew Research, although protecting the environment is high up on the list, the number one reason Americans switch to home solar is for the cost savings they receive on their utility bills which can be substantial. (In fact, homeowners who own their home solar system rather than leasing it, not only save on energy costs, they can also generate a strong ROI by earning SRECs and by getting paid by their utility for the excess energy their solar systems produce.)

Whatever the reason,  it is great to see that voters in both parties want more renewable energy  in our country.  It benefits all of us.

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